Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One more time..

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have attempted to write something today. It is completely out of character for me to NOT have anything to say. But the truth is - I really don't.

I have been pretty calm, sleeping well, eating well, the egyptian is behaving well - all is basically well since my return to my home and "normal life." Quiet. Peaceful.

I did spend a little time watching some seriously odd videos on Youtube. Seriously odd.

Instead of writing some deep, thought provoking post - I thought I would share with you my top five ODD videos that have me fascinated.

Yes... I warn you.. they are odd. Please note - I am in no way making "fun" of these people. I just find it all interesting.

I think she has such spunk!

I know.. I know.. weird stuff.

What I find fascinating is - this is real life. People living with and dealing with abnormalities.

Where do we draw the line between educating and exploiting? Hmm.. thoughts to ponder.


Jen G-son said...

I have no qualms about being unPC,

so uhm...two questions:

1. How does one eat with only two teeth?
2. Is that chicken dude FOR REAL?

Nicole said...

Jen Gon - Excellent questions. My guess would be lots of liguids and yes - he is FOR REAL. He raps on most of his videos. He has that disease where he ages quickly. What freaked me out was Elephant Man's surgery. I want to know how it turned out... and the baby.. did it live?


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