Sunday, September 19, 2010

Did you miss me??

Hey there peeps! IIIII aaaaammmm baaacccckkk! WOW. A nine day break from writing. Geez....


Soooo many insights to share. But I think I need a good night's sleep to process it all. You know what they say.. always sleep on it!

I do hope you enjoyed our guest bloggers! I think each really layed it on the line and was super honest. I really appreciate them sharing their thoughts and talents with us!

Now - for a pictorial journey of my trip. (I did snag a few pics from my sis - since most of my pics were taken with my phone. :-( )


Friday morning - a little greek yogurt with dill, strawberries and a banana for breakfast!

Lunch time the egyptian and I stopped by Cafe Lazio for a lunch pizza. Yes - we sat outside and enjoyed the afternoon before we took off for Georgia.

Before we got to my parent's home - a little salsa & guac for the road at a really neat Mexican restaurant.

These two have not seen one another since December - 9 months later - lots o' love!

The egyptian shared a bedtime story with my niece, Autumn.

Saturday morning I went for a "make over" on my little 4 year old niece. She ate it up!!

Then she decided to try on my scarf and sunglasses!!!

Saturday night we helped our friend Robby celebrate his 42nd birthday!

It was a pirate themed party!

Lisa and I helped the Pirate feel more at home!

Diana helped just a little bit more!

There were even jello shots! This is the birthday boy's sister in law.

Happy Birthday!

Here we are leaving the Birthday party. (Right after my school bully showed up - oh yeah! LOL)

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Atlanta for a work conference. After it ended - we went to the Coke Museum. I have been before - but I KNEW the egyptian would get a kick out of it.

There was an egyptian coke poster at the museum!

Heading back to Middle Georgia

Mom & Dad at Cafe International in Helen. Dad had a really rough week (health and work wise (more on that later)). We took a short day trip to Helen. His blood sugar was all over the place - but we made it!

There I am! With the Egyptian.

I went for the Prime Rin sandwich... yummmmmm

Oh yeah we did... lol

Don't forget - it's Oktoberfest

That building to the right is where we had lunch. We were crossing the bride to go shopping.

Mom & I

Dad checking out the German Beer Steins.

Today we went to the Ocmulgee Indian Festival in Macon, GA. Here is Autumn with her dream catcher face painting.

BRUTAL hot. It is well over 90 degrees.. we were chilling out for lunch under a shade tree. That's my mom on the left.

Chilling out at lunch. I think I turned pink!

One of the dancers.

Ocmulgee National Monument - the "Indian Mounds" and the festival for the Creek Indians.

Us with the niece. Nooo.. the weight is still not off.. but I head back to class tomorrow!

That's it. I will write more tomorrow.



Carol said...

Looks like you had a fun time. My Hubz and I love Helen..he bought a beautiful quilt there for was an anniversary quilt. There is a soap company there that does these wonderful herbal Sautee Village...The Greenstone Soap Co. ...I think that is the name. Did you happen by there?

Carol-the gardener

Nicole said...

I did visit a store that had a lot of quilts and ironically - the only thing I bought for myself was an herbal soap!!! Not sure the name of the place- we went in everywhere. The soap I have is Patchouli Amber.. smells excellent! Tried it out tonight!

Robin said...

Welcome back. Look forward to hearing all of the details of your trip:-)

Bossy Betty said...

Welcome back and thanks for the pictures! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!


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