Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Watch out World!

I have made a decision. It’s a very critical decision and deals with my future. Are you guys ready for this?

I have decided what type of Old Lady I am going to be. Don’t laugh. This is a serious decision, and I am tired of wondering how this is all going to turn out. Just like the way we decided at the age of 10 what type of teen ager we wanted be, or when we were in high school what profession we wanted, I – at the age of 37 – have decided what type of old lady I want to be.

(Plus – just in case I don’t get that far, I thought it would be a good idea to just “pretend” and we would all know how the story would have ended!!)

My Old-Lady Goals:

1. I will not move to Florida. I have no desire to surround myself with a bunch of people just like me sitting by the pool, getting the leathery skin and being bused off to the bunco game at the senior center. Not me! I would prefer to move to a little Mediterranean village, with the descendants of Greek and Roman Gods playing bocce ball down the lane.

2. I refuse to wear one of those red hats and purple dresses. I am sure I can come up with much better ways to look ridiculous! Perhaps – this is when I will invest in that perfect little pink tutu I am dying to wear
 3. I will drink wine versus Ensure.

4. I will sit in a rocking chair on my front porch and tell stories about my life to everyone that passes by.

5. I will proudly talk to myself in public. I may even answer back.

6. I will wear stilettos when I go to church.

7. I will paint my nails hot pink and my lips cherry red.

8. I will drive a convertible classic mustang – it will be pink with white leather interior and have a rhinestone tag.

9. I will blare gangsta rap from my balcony.

10. I will always eat dessert first.

11. I will have about three other besties – and we will be the divas of the senior dances.

12. I will never wear the girdle or a bra. ;-) I will go for freedom!

13. I will wake up whenever I feel like.. eat when I feel like it.. nap when I feel like… and travel when I have the energy.

14. I will always take a least one new class – never, ever stop learning..

15. And finally… I will have a personal chef, massage therapist and maid – so that I can live in a Pursuit of Pleasure.

What about you? What type of “Old Lady” do you plan to be??


dewin said...

Wow, other than the not living in Florida part, you sound like a rad old lady!! I am definitely with you on Number 14. Hey, I tried to email you last night at your old account but it came back to me. Can you either tell me here what your address is or email it to me at Thanks!

Gaston Studio said...

LOL Nicole, you have some pretty definite ideas there so let's hope they all come true for you. BTW, you didn't mention anything about grandchildren... are they not in your future? Even as a rad old lady?

Leanne said...

You make me laugh out loud!!! So funny - every single part of this was just so so funny. And I could TOTALLY SEE you as your list plans. (red lips, and all!)

I want to hang with you in the convertible ... be one of your besties driving the hood with our flowing scarfs and huge white rimmed sun glasses ... Oh, and don't forget the PSL ... we'll need that to keep us going!

Thanks for making me smile today! Love this post!

Jen G-son said...

I posted in my own blog. We would be cool old people!!!

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

I think I shall follow many of YOUR examples...had to chuckle, my Mom is a red hat. She was begging me to move back to TX and said I was old enough to be a Pink Hat. That was reason enough not to move back! I do adore hats but shall never wear a red or pink one.


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