Saturday, September 25, 2010

Energized on a Saturday

That's right - I have a theme for my Saturdays - and that is ENERGIZE.

As I sat here last night at my dining room table, I began to think about how I could create my own little "make over" of sorts. We know it took me a year to get the food thing down and the exercise thing down. Now that I have that in order, it's time to just get the rest together.

Then I thought about me. As much as I talk about the ups and downs of living with an immigrant and all he is going through - the truth is, it is just as hard on me. So, how can I get back that silly, fun, energized Nicole?

Then I took a look at all of my books on the shelves. I have a TON of books. Lots of them, lord help us all, are "Self Help" books. Not like Boo-Hoo woo is me kind, but more of the how to improve your life kind.

Yeah, I 've read them all. But still (it's kind of like the exercise thing, one size does not fit all.) I began to think about piecing it all together. Like the exercise and food thing.

So that's what I did last night.

Since the WOTD helps me come up with a post sometimes, how about assigning a theme to each day. I always loved theme days at school, and themed parties, etc. Personally, I will keep a theme for my days.

Yes, this is goofy as hell. But it is just one thing I want to try. In my analytical mind, I decided to decide what are my BIGGEST issues on various days. Then I wanted to counteract those feelings or circumstances.

Without further adieu - here are my THEME days to keep me sane:

Saturdays - ENERGIZE. Why? Because I usually wake up on Saturdays completely exhausted from the week. I am now taking a Zumba class on Saturdays, and I notice when I get home, I feel fantastic! Zingy even. That is part of the "energy." Also, it is definitely a day to get out and do something. Festivals, art galleries, museums, hiking - whatever. I am turning Saturday in an adventure and energize day!

Sunday - Soul Enriching. Why? Because I am losing some of that. If you read yesterday's post, I am having some serious "spiritual warfare" internally going on. I want to recharge and get back to the things I hold near and dear to my heart. I have tons of devotionals and books on spirituality and religion. I need to actually finish what I started. Also, I used to be heavily into meditation. I want to get that back. There is a Yoga class on Sundays at the gym, perhaps I could take that also. I just want to put meaning & spirit back into my week. Sunday is the perfect day to do it!

Monday - New Beginnings. Why? Because it's Monday - do we need another reason. Instead of groaning about the work week, why not see it as a fresh start? I want to find some professional/inspirational books to read during breakfast & lunch to "empower" me to make plans/focus/and engage. I need to schedule out my week. (Routine is good for people like me.) Also - I have a Body Jam class at 6:45pm. That will put a little pep into my step!

Tuesday - Positive. Why? Because Mondays typically bum me out, and Tuesday makes the week feel so long. I need to keep my attitude up. I need to read some things on positive thinking. I need to actually write in the Gratitude Journal I bought years ago. I could concentrate on encouraging others and maybe find a volunteer activity for that night! (I have been wanting to volunteer for something new!)

Wednesday - Rockin'. WHY? And that is a big why - because Wednesday suck. Why not be a little quirky and fun and adventurous on Wednesday. Party time! LOL I will develop some type of "kick butt" attitude. A Warrior of such. I can energize others and plus, I have that awesome ZUMBA class at 6:45pm. I will read some affirmations and try to feel powerful!

Thursday - Thankful. Typically we are all Thankful on Thursdays (maybe it's the whole Thanksgiving thing.) But I do think it is a nice way to add the "love" back to the week. I can re-center, show some gratitude to others and maybe slip in some Meditation. There are three classes I am looking at (and I can alter depending on my moods) - Body Jam, Water Aerobic and Yoga. I can just have a little fun with this one.

Fridays - Flawless. It's the end of the work week, and what is done is done. Finalize my plans, check off my to-do list and toss it. I can regroup on Monday. Also - this may sound vain - but I am a HUGE proponent of grooming. Perhaps I will use my Fridays as a scheduled day to take care of my skin, hair and nails.  (making me FLAWLESS) lol.

Am I crazy?

I just have to figure out how to make my life work smarter, not harder. I have set the boundaries. I have layed down the foundation. I have changed the food and exercise. I am building my personal inner strength back up. I am looking to enrich my spiritual life.

I think - by 40 - this girl may actually get it together!


Cheeseboy said...

No! You're not crazy at all. One of the most challenging things about blogging is finding new ideas every day. I think having a new theme for every day will give you a huge head start on that.

Zumba is really blowing up, isn't it? I see those classes everywhere now.

Cheeseboy said...

Hey, I just tried to join your Networked Blogs and it says "Blog Does not Exist"??

Nicole said...

Weird.. Let me check on that. FB gives me a headache!

Nicole said...

Okay - go down the page on the right - see the FB "friend page" - click on that - if you want - request me - then on my profile, you can click on blog s- at the top - BOOM - Networked blogs at the top. Should be able to get there that way. OR - go to the FB Fan page - Destination Unknown... click on the link (networked blogs) that way. Good luck! Let me know how it turns out!

Robin said...

I think that this is your blog and you should write it like you feel it. If you start feeling cramped or boxed in by your theme idea, then scrap it. As long as it is working for you, keep it. The great thing about this blogging thing is that there really are no rules. Have fun with it!

Nicole said...

OOh - I think you guys got the wrong idea. It's not so much for my blog - as for my state of mind daily. Sure, I will try to write (if something makes sense) - but not an actually theme for the blog. Oops... maybe I should clarify. Perhaps I was not clear.

ZippyChix said...

I love this theme day idea! I too like to feel energized everyday and there is a plan in motion with a purpose for each day, beyond working, then I think that this will increase overall happiness. Great idea...I think that I might try it also:) Thanks!

Leanne said...

So cool, N!!! I love your daily themes, and your explanations as to what your discussing and why. You are so organized, and I love it! And I am excited to read your posts (as always!) Great idea ... now, if only I could get myself together like this, it would be a miracle.

C J Good, Author said...

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