Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rocking' it on Wednesday

Truth be told - I am feeling a little melancholy, but I will use my whole "new attitude" to pull myself out of the funk.

It is mid-week (workwise) and it is time to pull our spirits up out of the muck and into the fabulous week that still lays ahead.

How do I do that? I am a big believer in MUSIC. This stuff is better than any drug you can take. Who needs meds when you have the sounds of an amazing voice, the pounding of a drum, the screeching of a guitar - it's all good.

Maybe it is the dancer that still lurks inside - but I can't help but stop and listen to music. Or maybe it is the writer inside, absorbing every well-thought out lyric. Whatever it is - it works. My plan for today will include making sure I have music on the entire day. Good stuff too. I will tune into and create a few excellent playlist for work. I will plug in my ipod in my car after work -(going, I HAVE to listen to NPR.)

I thought I would give you a "Best Of" in music for me. I always play these very song when I feel a little down - or need a little pick me up. Silly stuff, but I am into silly this week!

Positive Music, if you will - to get your day going. Take a moment and push play!


Anonymous said...

Great songs indeed! Nothing like good pick me up music to put one in a good mood! Love it! Hugs~

Leanne said...

I seriously think we could have been separated at birth. Journey? Fleetwood? B.E.Peas? You've got me movin' and a shakin' here today. . . hope you're feelin' it too!

Carol said...

You know I love music and couldn't agree with you more. Fleetwood Mac and BEP's? can't stay in a bad mood.

Carol-the gardener

Robin said...

There is no better cure than dancing it out! Thanks for the jams!!!

Mama Hen said...

You are right about music being a way to lift our spirit up! Great music Nicole! Have a great day!

Mama Hen


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