Thursday, September 2, 2010

10 days - to Post or Not to Post..

It is finally my turn to go on vacation!

I will be outta here for about ten days, and I have to make a decision - to post or not to post.

I am thinking you might like a little break from me - as I go and explore my destinations...


Perhaps I can do what so many of you are doing - and that is get some guest bloggers!

That's right.. putting my little baby into some ten unsuspecting bloggy buddies...

I am at your mercy - I suppose.

I think I know which ten I want to ask - so, you will be getting some notifications from me soon enough. If you are just dying to guest post - send me a message at and let's talk! Put in the subject line - Guest Post.

On to other things...

Have you checked out my tabs lately? You know.. those little things at the top of the page. I have since added a few new recipes. I would love to add one of your favorites (with a link to your blog) - or if you are not a blogger, and just a wonderful reader of mine, just send it to me and I will add it and give you complete credit!

Also, check out the WOTD. Yep - my sister and I have decided to make it official - our WOTD (as we call a game) some might say meme.. whatever. I don't get hung up on that stuff. It's fun. We're doing it. Enjoy.

Also - I have uploaded some new videos and there is a "Best Of" set of links for older posts you may not have ever read.

I guess that's all of the "announcements" I needed to make.

(PS - the vacay will be the 10th - 19th. I would need the blog posts by this Wednesday!)

Thanks everyone - see you tomorrow with some random post!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think having a guest blogger or 10 is an absolutely awesome idea. That way people will still stop by your blog. Look forward to seeing what your friends post in your absence!


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