Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blog Hop Rant- just for *giggles* (Word of the Day)

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My last word of the day is giggle. I can giggle. Sure - and it usually involves some type of sarcastic remark. THAT brings giggles out of me.

In order to throw as much sarcasm your way as humanly possible - I have a rant. OOOh.. it's a good one. Yes, I am back on the "Blog Hop" rant.


I am not sure where to begin - but I want to make a statement: It is all about Quality over Quantity.

I have only seen one or two Blog Hops that added a bit of quality. The Friday Flip Off required you to voice your rants of the week. There was another Blog that wanted you to share a story on how you went green. Then of course you hop around and "follow."

I have come across some blogs that 1,000+ followers. If you actually take time to go through their blog - each day is another blog hop, or a give away or something ridiculous like that trying to pull you in. What happened to good old fashioned baring your soul writing?

OOh and these people are nazis about this stuff also. I wanted to give the Green one a try. I had just woken up, saw my news feed showed one of my blogmates had written a "green" post and linked up to this hop. I thought, okay - I will give it another try. Now I understand how these things work. I linked up.. then headed to the coffee pot to start to brew and while there I was pondering, in what ways do I go green? I was away from my computer a total of maybe 10 minutes - came back, had an idea and was ready to write.
I happened upon a new comment I received on a post I had written late the night before. It was from the 'Green' Blog Hop creator. She was basically threatening to remove my button from the Hop if I did not participate fully with a Green post.

Man.. oh man.. I was about to snap this granola eating, open toe shoe - tree hugger in half. Seriously? Were you waiting around and policing the net? 10 minutes... sometimes a girl needs a little inspiration.

Luckily (or maybe not)  - most blog hops have absolutely no substance. But it makes me sad that its just a game to these people. I take my writing very seriously. I don't want you to "follow" me if you are not going to take the time to jump in on the conversation. I assure you - if I follow you, I read each one of your post. I may not always comment, but I do from time to time if I have something to say.

I am just annoyed. Blog hops... rants.. just for giggles.


Doris said...

Very good point of view. Being a new blogger, I am VERY tempted to go for quantity over quality, but you've made me stop and thinkg twice. I have partaken in several of these recently, and I'm wondering if it's worth it. I mean, if people don't come back to my blog because they like it, what's the point? I guess my only hesitation is - BEING new, this has been a good way to jump start some sort of "readership" - I hope anyway. Sigh - such a dilemma. Now what? :-( I feel a bit on the fence!

Leanne said...

You can't see me - but I am standing and applauding you right now. HERE HERE!!! BRAVO!!! So very well said. I have really stayed away from the whole blog hop thing. It's not my cup of tea (or coffee, to be exact). After participating in maybe 2 or 3 of them (out of 290 posts), I decided that I am a blogger of story and substance. You know I am all about baring my soul. I spend time reading blogs that are like that as well.

Now, I don't mean that the blog hop thing doesn't work for some. If you are a hopper - so be it, enjoy your time, and hop on by. But for me, it's not about quantity. I prefer to learn about people from different walks of life, watch them grow creatively and spiritually, and hopefully come out of this a better person because of it. That's why I do it. Not to win a bottle of shampoo or a roll of toilet paper. I can buy my own.

Love your rants, as always, dear friend! Just love them!

Robin said...

I rarely hop anymore. It is mostly people doing just what you said. Giveaways 24/7 or more hopping. They can't possibly be reading anyone else's blogs b/c they follow 1000 people. Puleez. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I dedicated something to you on HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY. I am pretty sure I tagged on EIGHT TO THE EIGH TO THE EIGHT, too. My mind is going. Happy Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Though I've never participated in this "blog hop" thing, I get what you're saying. I've seen it, and it's a bit sad really. What is anyone getting out of following someone who never really blogs? To me, blogging is not about giveaways, or followers (though followers are nice). It's about writing, and sharing your life with strangers and loved ones.



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