Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Beginnings

I like the idea of starting my Monday off on the right foot. But what if you typically have two wrong feet?

There is a minor crisis in my home - we are out of coffee and creamer. That's the first crisis. The second - I have a very strict budget - and my "grocery budget" is busted until Thursday.

BUT - this is the 2nd day of my personal philosophy change, and I have to  view this as an opportunity to GET A GRIP and not obsess over the lack of good coffee in the morning.

I am also starting the day off in a "Vision Meeting." Basically, my organization has arranged for our team (the BHAM office) to meet at another location for a "retreat-like" day of meetings. If the planets align, there might be coffee. God willing..

Lot's of big things will begin this week: I start back at the gym. Monday night is Body Jam! Very excited. I also begin Day 1 of fighting off some old tax debt (again) from my X and luckily my dear friend (and attorney) is there to walk me through it all.

Technically all big stuff, but good stuff.

What about you? What new and exciting thing do you hope to tackle this week?


scrapwordsmom said...

LOL on the coffee and creamer thing, We don't drink coffee anymore but this stuff called Perro...I love it and think tastes just like coffee {well the instant kind, anyway!}

Okay, one of my new things this week is reading your blog on a regular basis. I know...sounds silly but my friend Leanne adores you so I have popped over a few times and I really love what I read every time so I was thinking about how I love so many new blogs and how I want to read them more {Bossy Betty is my other new fave} and how I need to put their link or button on Words of today up goes yours...;)

Also this week I am gonna get my snacking under control. Too much SUGAR!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

No coffee and creamer would be a major crisis in our house. More so for the hubby than for me, though I do require it to wake up.

I'm loving this new stuff you are writing about girl! Awesome!


Bossy Betty said...

Happy Monday! Suck down the coffee at the new location. What luck!

Dawn said...

WHAT ? Out of COFFEE and CREAMER ? OH MY Nicole!!!!! If we have nothing else in my house we will ALWAYS have Coffee,Creamer,Sugar or Splenda! I can drink it all day long - ** No wonder I have insomnia right ? ** haha Girl, I hope you got some coffee at your meeting or somewhere in between.

As for me, this week is my mini-break from baking cakes. I have a major cake coming up that I have never done before - a Teapot cake! So I want to mentally and physically be ready to tackle it :)

Also this week, as you know already - I have started a personal blog on Devotions. These are devotions I have come across in the past that have touched me, or parts of a book that I have or am reading and wanted to share or either it will be something that is really on my mind or tugging at my heart.

I hope you have a great week and get some coffee and creamer SOON!!!

Laura said...

Oh no - no coffee or creamer in the morning? I'm envious that you are not letting this get you down as you start new beginnings this Monday/this week. Good for you. I gotta try that sometime -- along with sticking to a grocery budget! Maybe the grocery budget will be my new beginnings this week.

Leanne said...

NO coffee and creamer would be a MAJOR CATASTROPHE in this house, missy!!! Holy Cow! So, did they have coffee at your retreat? I'm dying to know.

What do I hope to tackle this week? Well, I did MUCHO WALKING in Disney last week, and I'd like to keep up with it, so I am hoping to go for some long walks a few nights. (I'd be quite proud of myself if I would do that!) Other then that - just surviving a week back to work after vacation - not always easy to do, but just have to.

Hope you have a great week, whatever you tackle!


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