Saturday, September 25, 2010

Passionate is such a better word!

It is so true, unfortunately.

I swear, if I did not want to turn into a total zombie, I would invest in medication to just level me out.

No - I have not been diagnosed with any mental illness to date. No, I am not bi-polar or depressive or manic. I am just moody and well, a bit of a control freak, who according to her parents was "spoiled" by her grandparents. WHATEVER. ;-)

High strung is a really good way to describe me. Passionate is the word I would prefer you use.

I am! Super passionate about a lot of things. I am not afraid to share my point of view with you. No - I don't go on the attack, instead I look for situations where I can share my vision and "passion."

Some subjects get me completely wired: Animal Rights for one. OMG - I will go cuckoo for cocoa puffs over hurt animals. Any time that commercial with Sarah Mclachlan and ASPCA comes on I want to throw something at the TV. Or when I see one of those random viral videos about the crazy artic hunters beating those beautiful white seals over the head with a bat.. I have to admit I react very strongly. I have a wonderful collection of stickers from PETA. If you get a letter from me (especially bills) I tend to add one of my stickers to them.

The Amnesty International commercials dealing with human rights will send me spinning into a major letter writing campaign to random delegates and high officials around the world. I get crazy mad about that type of stuff. The song "Imagine" by John Lennon is played over a PSA which a little girl is "molested" (well.. not actually - but it is implied) and another woman is beaten by her partner. Stuff like that makes me want to start picketing the streets and screaming "Down with the Penis." LOL I can't help it - makes me mad.

Then when it comes to politics - lord have mercy - I have such strong opinions. I blame my Foreign Relations teacher in High School - Mrs. Virginia Phillips. One of the best teachers I have ever had - but she got me so fired up about politics and the world around me, it is hard for me to make it to work while listening to NPR. I instead want to hop the next flight to DC and start lobbying the latest issue I get so passionate about.

Another tough conversation to have with me deals with Women Rights - and man oh man, I am living and breathing it. I know I have alluded to it in the past, but I live with an old-school chauvinist. Unfortunately it is conditioned in him. He is an arab. Lord have mercy - talk about starting the sparks up! LOL It can get quite comical on the differences between us. But I have to admit, after talking to a good friend that is very much Italian and married to an Italian and another that is Mexican - it's quite the norm in sooo many cultures. (PS - these are Americans.. lived here their entire lives.) Just a different culture.

You just got to love our differences in this world - even if they make us a little crazy!!

PS - I added those PSAs I mentioned:

BTW - this guys goes on and on and on... if you can skip forward.. you will see the stickers I am talking about (the ones I use to make my friends annoyed! And at least one bill collector or two laugh. ) ;-)


Laura said...

I agree - "passionate" is such a better word!! And regarding "differences", the world would be such a boring place if it we did not have "differences".

Laura said...
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Bossy Betty said...

Oh yes, I am so glad to have another word to substitute in when my friends call me a nut! I am just passionate! I am!

wordygirl said...

Meeting a good teacher can change your life, whether you meet them in school or somewhere else in this world. What a wonderful thing to get you fired up about.
Spending my formative years living next door to a dear friend that was mentally challenged and watching how people treated her is one of the things that shaped me. Watching how my gay brother was treated is another.
I work on balancing my "Fire" but sometimes it is needed. We have to make up for the people that dont have "The Fire."

Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

Your passionate ramblings had me laughing... A little passion leads to a more spicy life....

Robin said...

I couldn't make it through the Sarah MacLachlan animal vid. The Amnesty International one was painful, too. I decided not to even try to watch the third one. I don't understand how people can look at that NOT be moved. Not care. Not want to make the world better. That is what I don't understand.

Leanne said...

Love your passion, Nicole. It's one of the reasons I started reading your blog, and something I have grown to admire and respect whole heartedly. LOVE it.


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