Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guest bloggers start Friday!

Slowly but surely, my guest bloggers have submitted their posts! I got the great idea from my dear friend, Leanne, at From Chaos Comes Happiness. She is going on vacation soon, and decided to get a few bloggy friends to help her out!

I then scheduled almost 10 days away and thought to myself, "Self - what are you going to do?" Then *ding *ding *ding - I thought I would try the same thing out. I am booked solid with activity and travel, and I KNOW there are people out there that have plenty to say!

The thing is, I asked mostly people who do not blog. Seriously! I picked people I thought were interesting, or deep, or were always full of strong opinions or deep comments on my FB fan page or personal page. I wanted to introduce a few people to the world of blogging! Each one of these women (yes, I picked all girls) has something to say... I laugh because they go into great LENGTH to say it! LOL Love it - girls after my own heart!

I did ask a few friends here also. I think you will like their stuff!

Here is the basic rundown of who will be posting and what day (some.. I am still waiting, so it is subject to change!):

1. Calandra - Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear - Friday, 09/10
2. Mitzi - Building a Solid Foundation - Saturday - 09/11
3.  Laura - Fall is in the air - Sunday - 09/12
4. Dewin - Wrong - Monday - 09/13
5. Kaprial - Doing More, Spending Less, Getting Happy - Tuesday - 09/14
6. Robin - Dreaming the Dream - Wednesday - 09/15
7.  Telisa - TBA - Thursday - Thursday -  09/16
8. Erica - Photo Blog -  Friday - 09/17
9. Kathy - TBA - Saturday - 09/18
10. Leanne - TBA - Sunday 09/19

Thank you ladies for your amazing spirit! If there is anyone out there dying to contribute, you know me - I am not afraid to post two a day! Bring it - you never know, one of the TBAs may back out!

Wide variety of topics - all THOUGHT provoking!


Robin said...

I am so glad that you got enough people to cover you during your vacation! Did my graphics come through okay?

Nicole said...

Yes! Yes they did!

Bossy Betty said...

We'll miss you. Thanks for taking care of our literary needs while you are gone!

dewin said...

Thanks so much for asking!! I think it's very cool that you asked people who don't usually blog. What a great idea! I only hope my post comes close to meeting the awesomeness of all of yours! Have a great trip!

Nicole said...

Oh Bloody Hell - I want to change the order. I just got Telisa's and Kathy's in - and it is waaaaay good stuff. I need to switch it all up a bit.. I am dying for you guys to read their stories.. oh crap. hahaha


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