Friday, May 28, 2010

Salvia 101

A while back, I saw a segment on Tyra (don't judge) about teen drug use. One of the drugs that came up over and over was Salvia. Honestly, I had never heard of it. (and let me tell you, I knew some people back in the day that did some pretty heavy stuff.)

I decided to do a little research on it - and was shocked. For one - it's legal. You can buy it in any tobacco shop and some package stores.

I am actually surprised this is sold legally. What concerns me (as with anything) - apparently it is quite popular with people in their teens.

For my friends out there that are parents - I think you need to see this. It's interesting, and .. well.. legal. I think educating your self on the latest and greatest is always important.

I found some very useful videos. I hope this opens your eyes.

For adults, since it is legal - my only advice would be - proceed with caution. :-)

Please share your thoughts in the comment section on your concerns or even experience with this herbal hallucinogenic.

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