Monday, May 3, 2010

Workity.. work.. work.. work

I was not over inspired to research some random subject today. So, I thought I might just give you a little "journal-esque" type of entry.

My weekend was simply delightful. I did not do anything wild and crazy, but it was a nice calm.. cleansing.. weekend. It started off with an excellent Saturday! I did a little browsing at World Market. This is seriously one of my favorite stores IN the world. It trumps Pier 1 any day! I went in, specifically for a teal peacock bracelet. It was only $6.99. I was on a budget and thought - I will HAVE this bracelet. Well.. it was there. I walked around with it. Then I decided I did not want it. Do you do that? Pick something up that you have your heart set on... then if you hold it long enough, you end up with the beginnings of buyer's remorse and put it back?

I ended up leaving with a two Mother's Day cards. Yeah.. yeah.. yeah.

Once I ended my perfect little trip through World Market, I met my dear friend, Tiffany, for lunch at La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant. It was great to catch up. We discussed our "work outs" and "Crystal in Egypt" and finances. You know, basic goings on of our friends and family. I love their fresh salsa, and gobbled it all up. I ended up ordering a Fajita Taco Salad (with Steak). Was divine. We left completely stuffed to the brim.

We decided to walk down to Target and spend, I kid you not, about 2 hours, just sashaying around. We went through almost every aisle, just "window shopping." Silly stuff. Finally I came upon what I have needed for a while. You know the syrups you pour over snowcones?? Last August, I received a snow cone machine for my wedding. I have yet to use it. I ended up picking up a bottle of watermelon snow cone syrup. My big $2.49 purchase. Yep - that's it. I bought a bottle of syrup. lol

We left there and got to talking about pets. Well.. the next store was Petco. I want a fish or a bird. (Since the egyptian will not allow a cat or dog.) We spent about 45 minutes looking at the animals in there. The fish were pretty cool. I have never owned a fish or a bird. BUT - I think in the end, it will be pretty expensive to get what I actually want. As we were browsing.. we came to the rodent section. Now - I have never been sqeamish about animals.. but the white rat honestly made me nauseous. Seriously. Thinking about it now gives me chills. I think I have issues with rodents. That was a new one for me.

We left there and decided to pop into the Dollar Tree. Tiffany wanted to show me her favorite candy as a child. LOL Seriously, we spent about 30 minutes discussing candy.. which somehow got us on the subject of movies. She ended up getting a box of Milk Duds and I.. ooooh.. I found a bag of Cotton Candy. LOL Dollar Store Cotton Candy. We ended up debating about whether or not everything is a dollar there. I assured her, everything in a dollar store is a dollar. LOL I still think she does not believe me.

Next we drove over to Publix  and walked through the bakery section. Just to point out our favorite desserts. You would think we would not want to talk about food, after having the delicious filling lunch we had. But we did. I decided to pick up a bottle of Diet Coke. Really the whole point was to say hello to the egyptian. If you guys don't know - he is (unfortunately) working there for now.. well.. he is quitting today.

We left there and headed to Walgreens. I had to pick up a perscription. We bounced around and discussed all sorts of things as we waited.

Next we headed back to my apartment and watched some hilarious videos on You Tube. Then we somehow got on the subject of who we liked better - MJ or Prince. We both agreed - Prince. She then showed me the videos of Dave Chappelle doing a Prince sketch. HILARIOUS. Just google it.

Needless to say.. our long day of nothing.. (I aquired a full belly, Watermelon Syrup, Cotton Candy, Diet Coke, and a Prescription) had to end. I picked up the egyptian from work and we headed to some random Chinese Buffet. (He loves.. I despise.)

The day was good.

Sunday was DIVINE. The Egyptian had to work from 11 - 7:30. So basically I had the day to do as I please! I actually did 4 small loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, changed out the linens, baked a lemon cake, vaccumed, watched some episodes of Jersylicious, baked Cajun Blackened chicken, read a little of my Psychology Today magazine, and took out the trash. It was productive I tell you! I ended the day by watching Desperate Housewives with the egyptian (his favorite show).. I promise. LOL

That was it. That's all I have to share. I went into great detail.. now you know how absolutely boring my life can be. LOL

I have a super busy week.. and I think I am ready for it. Lots of meetings and planning today. (The Egyptian will quit his job today.) Tomorrow I have a Midday Television Show Interview with ABC 33/40 to promote our Go Red for Women Luncheon. Thursday I have a one hour radio show interview on WAGG - "The Caregiving Doctor" show to promote Stroke Awareness month and Power Day for Power to End Stroke. Thursday night is the Mobile, AL Heart Ball, and Friday is the Birmingham, AL Go Red For Women Luncheon.

Needless to say - the easy going weekend was needed!

As for FUN things this week - I am going to a French Cooking class on Thursday night. I have to help lead the youth group at church on Wednesday night. Next weekend - who knows??

Okay guys.. how is your day shaping up? What adventures are on the horizon?
Let's hope we can all get through the week fairly unscathed.


Tori Cooper said...

Sounds good to me! I see you are in Birmingham... my husband & I when we finally get down to visiting Kentucky & Tennessee are hoping to swing down to Birmingham. My mentors and some friends recently moved there about a year ago to start a church. I miss them so much... so hopefully can see them soon! If we do head that way, I would love to go for coffee or something! Just a thought to put in the back of your mind... anyhow, it's good to get to know you. I like you a lot! Have a great week!

Nicole said...

Tori, I would love to meet you. Anytime! There are lots of excellent coffee shops here!


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