Saturday, May 15, 2010

Redecorating ..this time - for real.

I am seriously considering a major over haul on the apartment. It looks like we are probably going to be here for a while, so perhaps I should attempt to make some improvements.

For one, I want a new couch. Right now, I have a black leather couch. The leather has begun to crack in certain areas, not to mention my former vampire cat apparently tore a hole into one side.

It is time.

I am drawn to beige couches this year. BUT - I am afriad of stains. I like the idea of changing out pillows for color, that way, it matches everything. I TRULY need your thoughts!! 

Here are some of the options I am looking at. (PS - NOT the coffee table and end tables.. JUST the couches.)

Then let's talk walls. I want to paint. BUT - and it's a BIG but, is it worth the time and money? I am a renter, which means, unless it is a super neutral color, I will have to repaint or PAY before I move. Scary thought.

I also have an awesome sunroom (I am sitting in now.) I would love to put a chaise in here. Right now, I have a "day bed" in here and has worked well for guests. However, the eyptian works in the hotel industry now - so no need to worry about housing friends & family any more.

I would love to actually put plants, a chaise, a nice standing reading lamp and house a book case that is actually shelves installed on the wall.I want to get rid of the daybed and the computer desk. Since the floor has tile, perhaps get a decent oriental rug.

Then the bed room. I LOVE my bed. The egyptian is not so found. Since, we do not have a second bedroom to put it in yet, I could just do an overhaul on the chiffarobe (antique), shelf and desk that are in there. These items will all eventually be in a "guest" bedroom. I want a "Greek Isles" feel. Perhaps I can paint the old wood.. but what color??? A Shabby Chic white? Or to be safe (In case I change my mind) - a nice black wood??

The bathroom, well, I think I am going to search today.

The kitchen has the appliances I want, BUT - the walls have wallpaper (which I think is the ugliest thing people could invest in.) Got to figure that one out. I wonder if I can get permission to pull it down?

I guess I am just thinking outloud. Need some thoughts people!! Help!


Miel Abeille said...

Create the sanctuary that you want -- don't be afraid of stains! You only live once, and you should be surrounded by beautiful things!

jjpacker said...

I am obsessed with decor....even though you wouldn't know it right thing is just "kid friendly" right now! Deep chocolate brown couch for sure. Can still change up the pillows for different looks, and stains don't show! A nice neutral taupe/beige/caramel color for the need to repaint later. Accessorize with colors (even do it seasonally) and black and white photos look great! Paint bedroom furniture white (over wood or whatever color it is), than use sandpaper to create the shabby chic look....flow colors from living room. I could go on for!


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