Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In need of a pink tutu - still!

** all but one of the following photos came from Google Images. I am not claiming any rights to any of them!!

I am OBSESSED with pink tutus. Always have been.

If I could get up every morning and put a pink tutu on, I would be a much happier girl.

There is something magical about the tulle, the ribbons, the sparkles glued on. How it poofs out in all the right places and is perfectly layered!

I think one of the main reasons I ever took ballet was to wear the pink tights, pink shoes and I prayed and prayed that one day I would get to wear a pink tutu.

I practiced my shanay turns, my tour jete and pirouette.

I wanted nothing more than to take flight, with my little pink tutu fluffing out as I soared across my dance studio's floor.


I stood for hours in my toe shoes, thinking the more I stood there, the deeper the arch, then the better my turnout would be - so the way my tutu would dangle would look even prettier.

I think if I had a baby (girl) I would dress her in pink tutus.. just like these little babies to the right.

I would decorate the baby room with ballet slippers and pinks bows and definitely hang a tutu on a pretty satin hanger.

The poor child would never stand a chance against that pink tulle.. she would feel compelled to dance, yet never understand why.

When it comes to fashion, I would design the latest and greatest dresses - all incorporating a pink tutu.

The next formal function I would attend - Pink tutu with a black bow - just like this picture to the left.

Imagine sassy shoes, hair pulled up and dangling ear rings.

I actually found a website that sells fashion for adults using tutus: It's called One Thousand Tutus. Some of the pieces are like a work of art.

Now please note, I am not a crazy girly girl. I always felt super girly girls were over compensating (kind of like the manly macho men.) No.. no.. I can be just as sassy and tough and cynical as the next. But the pink tutu remains as something that is soft on my eyes. Makes me smile - and always brings out the "oooh.. giggle" in me. Not much else will.. but a pink tutu - everytime.

I never quite got the pink tutu.. but I got close.. now this picture, this picture I can claim for my own!

Yep.. that's me - rocking the tutu with my pink tights and pink satin shoes. LOL

What is your secret fashion love?


Tori Cooper said...

Cute! I liked your story! I will have to say funky hair... I wish I could do the Victoria Beckam or Rihanna styles- short and edgy... although I have gone as short as possible...I wish I could do more. Today I saw Toni Braxton on T.V. and she was sporting long on top- shaved short on the sides, combed over- it looked amazing on her. I think hair is fun. I used to wish I had a wig collection and wear them for fun. If only i could change my hair style like I do underwear that would be great. Not just style but color too. :-D

Miel Abeille said...

My personal fashion fav is anything feminine. Tutus fit the bill. :)

Have you seen Tweedle Dee Designs? She makes some lovely kids tutus. Gives me baby envy. :)

Leanne said...

If you want a pink tutu, then you should HAVE one! Cute post!

My favorite secret fashion love? This year, summer dresses. This is new for me, as I don't really have the legs for some of the cute styles out there and haven't really embraced them before. But this year - I can't get enough of them!


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