Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shame Shame SHAME

Oh dear.. I have been a lazy blogger, TWICE this week. I have two entries that consist of music videos.. celebrating a certain genre.

Dull. Boring. Soooo not my style.

Though I did mix some of those posts with a few really deep, revealing posts.

I guess I am tapped out on the revealing side.

This weekend is quiet, so far. I had a SUPER busy, stressful week.. and I think my brain needs to chill- ax.. if you know what I mean?

There were changes at work, where whole departments were eliminated. BIG proposals and plans to handle at work.

Personally, certain people/places, etc have made an appearance back in my life.

I am trying to really concentrate on making my home a bit more.. hmm.. feng shui (perhaps.) Not literally.. just.. need this to be my sanctuary.

I had some SERIOUSLY odd thoughts recently about religion. Not sure where I am going with that statement. Let's just say, questions abound. It's normal.

Did some serious shopping this week, retail therapy was AWESOME.

My big reveal on the anniversary present for the egyptian??? Well, since i KNOW he does not read my blogs - I had some professional pics taken of me. This was the first time in my 30s. I am dying to see how they turned out. I should receive the proofs very soon. I thought it would be a nice "love" gift.

**please note.. my dirty little minded readers.. I am CLOTHED.

I am back on the healthy kick.. coming up with a plan I hope to share. As you know, since November, I have been experimenting with different options for healthier living. I THINK I have a plan now. One that will work for me.

Looking for some new hobbies. Any suggestions?

Okay. I think you are all caught up now. I promise to write better items later. Just need to unplug the brain for a bit.


1 comment:

Rapunzel said...

Nicole, I'm looking forward to hearing about your new "healthy plan!" It's ok to unplug now & then, good for the spirit. :)


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