Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inspiration for Vacation

I just began my mini-break vacay about 4 1/2 hours ago. THRILLED beyond belief!!

BUT - the inspiration.. to do WHAT? Can't go far - I still have to drive the egyptian to work. But I want to relax, and enjoy life - all the same.

Tonight I kicked off my vacation-a-rama with my soft, pink pjs, a little queso dip, and the American Idol finale. I was not sure if I wanted to watch it - but when I saw one of my teen heart throbs perform his signature hit just days after suffering a T.I.A. (stroke) - I had to stop and take note. Ahh.. Brett Michaels.. you will always have a place in my heart.

Of course the rest of the days are up in the air. I have Thur, Fr, Sat, Sun, Mon and Tuesday off.

Tomorrow- it would be nice to sleep in. The egyptian does not need to be at work until 3pm, so perhaps we can snooze till noon. I seriously doubt that will happen, but it would be oh soo nice.

I need to get to the library. Perhaps the afternoon will be spent quietly at the library, doing my thing. Nope, I don't have a purpose at the library - I just like to get lost in the stacks.

Friday is pay day - and rent is due - sooo.. I am sure the end of the month bills will be there for the paying. Yeah... yeah.. yeah...

Saturday I am super PUMPED - my dear friend, and old room mate - Keli is coming for a visit. Keli is the one in the middle - and I am the odd ball on the right. (the other two are Telisa and Rob!)

We have a fun Saturday planned out - I actually have to get up very early (6am) to take the egyptian to work. I thought I could head down to Pepper Place (a factory district in Bham) and do a little veggie and fruit shopping. Kells is supposed to arrive around 10 - so that gives me plenty of time to get some healthy snacks for us! We hope to head to the pool - YAY - it opens this weekend, and spend an hour or so.. chillin, catching up, swimming and reading crappy mags.

I promised to take her to YOGURT MOUNTAIN. I don't know if you town has one - search for one. It's AWESOME. We also hope to pop by a "Charming Charlie" - a little girly shopping. We have to pick up the egyptian at 3pm.. perhaps we can relax over dinner.

What I am really excited about is dancing the night away and singing until I lose my voice! We are heading to the Rare Martini to see Erica and the Soulshine Band.

How could we NOT have fun with that??? Plus, for those not in the Birmingham "Know" - The Rare Martini is downtown in the Lake view District and there are strings of bars for fun fun fun. Now.. you guys know.. I have not been able to drink since October. I still can't.. BUT - that does NOT mean I cannot have a good time, right???

Back to the rest of the vacay - I scheduled an appointment I have avoided for a while. A trip to the GYN.


Okay.. if you know my history, the ob/gyn always brings bad news. But I finally scheduled - and yes, as of Tuesday morning, I will step back in the saddle - or straps.. or.. yuck.

What are YOU doing this Memorial day weekend???

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