Sunday, May 2, 2010

I got a Sunshine Award!

Well isn't this just the coolest thing??

A blogger awarded me with the Sunshine Blog Award!

Here is the link to what she said:

Destination Unknown: Nicole writes candidly about life and loving.

That was really sweet. Thanks sooo much!

So now I have to take a few steps and share the love. I follow over 30 blogs.. this is going to take a minute!

Here are the rules:

The Sunshine Award is an award to recognize blogs that bring a little sunshine to the blogosphere.

1. Nominate 12 bloggers.

2. Put the award logo onto your sidebar or within a post.

3. Link the nominees within your post.

4. Let the nominees know they’ve received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link the sidebar logo to the person from whom you’ve received this award.

Okay.... sooo.. here we go: (in alphabetical order)

1. Abby's Blog - This is a 16 year old girl sailing a ship.. alone.. around the world. I am hooked, I've read every entry and I sincerly hope the best for her! Her strength is inspiring.

2. Cassagram - This girl is witty, smart, and full of amazing insight. She is a very candid writer and fun!

3. Confessions of a Fabulous Fat Chick - This is my sister's blog. Soooo funny. Very inspiring...

4. Foxy Pink Cheetah - How can I describe her? A married Mormon who has a secret stripper name?? LOL No. no.. she is another very candid, witty, intelligent girl just trying to get through this thing called life.

5. I'm just sayin' - This is a blog written by my old co-worker/TV reporter, Kathy. She is from the hills (no, not those hills.. the hillbilly hills) and now is married, a stay at home mom of two and trying to adjust to a "jew-ish" lifestyle in upscale Conneticut.

6. LBR - Laura is a co-worker of mine, and her writing is just sooo sweet.

7. Quo Fata Ferunt - This is written by an old co-worker (from the television days) - he is an excellent writer.. just go check it out!

8. The Sassy Curmugeon - She makes me laugh - everytime!

9. From Chaos Comes Happiness-  Witty, sweet, like a breathe of fresh air!

10. This Journey Called Life - Very inspiring!

11. List of the Day - FUNNY

12. A Mom, A Blog, and the Life In Between -  Candid look at living a life as a single mom, dating and working in Miami. (PS - my ex-co worker also!)

Of course the dear, sweet blogger that gave me this award (see first link in the blog) would deserve this right back! ;-) But since she already has it... lol

Okay.. check out my friend's blogs. I bet you will find a few you have to read!


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

Miel Abeille said...

Nicole, you nominated absolutely lovely blogs! They were all sunny choices, thanks for sharing them!

Foxy said...

Wow! Awesome! Thank you so much!! I'm incredibly flattered!! I'll definitely share the love this next week! Thanks again! (Umm can you tell I'm speechless hence the really choppy sentence style and all the !s...?)

Tori Cooper said...

Such an honor! Thank you! Passed it on already! :-) I appreciate your thoughtfulness!! Until later! ~TORI

Nicole said...

You are welcomed ladies! I adore all of your posts! Honestly!!

Leanne said...

Oh, Nicole!! Thank you SO MUCH for sending the Sunshine my way!!! I blushing right now!!! I so enjoy the wonderful conversations here, and I look forward to many many more from you! Thanks, again!!!!

LBR said...

An award!!?? For me?! How exciting! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the little bit o' sunshine :) Perfect timing since I started blogging again!


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