Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Happy List

It has been a crazy 48 hours. I need a little reprieve.
I decided to name 20 items/actions/stuff that make me happy and remind the of summer.

With out further ado..

1. Hot Pink Nail Polish. I always bust out the craziest-summery colors in the hotter weather. Especially for my toes. The funkier the better. I HATE feet - but I think, if you have to show them - make them bright and bold!

Plus the pink nail polish is usually the only color I wear on my nails.. well.. except for the basic french manicure look.

2. Lime Cream Slushes. I crave these things. Lime is necessary in the summer time. The vanilla ice cream added to it makes you think you have died and gone to heaven. Seriously.

3.  Floating in a swimming pool. To me this is absolute heaven on earth. You feel free, you are soaking up the warmth of the day.. it's awesome.

4.  Summer Blockbusters. I am particularly excited about Sex & The City 2, Get to the Greek, Eat Pray Love... and a ton of other goodies this year!

5.  Going to the Beach. I know that living in the south, you really do not need to wait to summer to head out to the beach (because our weather is typically bearable all year - but there is something super special about going to the beach each summer.

6.  Amusement Parks. Who doesn't like an exhausting trip to the park? Roller coasters, over priced hot dogs and coke, crappy shows, and tons of screaming kids. Man.. I actually love this stuff!!

Which leads me to...

7. The Lazy River rides at Water Parks - I could spend hours floating alone one of this little pools in an inner tube. Sign me up now for my next trip!!

Which reminds me...

8. Shooting the Hooch in Helen, GA - I typically do this each summer ... at some point. You get an inner tube for ten bucks - ride a bus to the top of the mountain.. and float down the Chattahoochee River.. sometimes (if there is an awesome rain) at break-neck speed. Most of the time, it is slow and easy. You do this over.. and over.. and over..

Which reminds me..

9. Eating home made peach ice cream at Lane Packaging Company in Fort Valley, GA. My mom works with the wife of the owner of this place. Basically, Georgia is known as the peach state - and for good reasons.. we grow the best peaches. Lane Packaging Company grows the best in the state (in my opinion..) people gather here and eat the home made peach ice cream at the actual farm/packaging place. THAT is summer time.

10. Moonlight Cruise on the Savannah River. For about $16 you can take a moonlight ride on an old boat down the Savannah River. There is a bar and DJ.. and well, the rest is summer time history!

11. Fire Works. Anytime.. all the time.

12. Grilled Hot dogs. This is when I crave a hot dog.. almost daily!!

13. Picnics with friends. Is there anything that says summer more than a picnic with friends!!!

14. Putt Putt/Mini Golf - I could play this all day everyday.. well... it comes second to the lazy river. ;-)

15. Snorkeling at Crystal River with the manatee. I have been a couple of times, and this is one AMAZING experience. Manatee wild.. in their habitat.. and respectfully enjoying the water together.

16. Watermelon.. or shall I say - inject into my veins???

17. Fried Stuffed Shrimp at Bernie's on River Street in Savannah - just a little piece of greasy heaven.

18. Coconut Smelling Suntan Oil -
Yes - the original Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Oil.. no I don't wear it, but i LOOOOVE to smell it. Reminds me of the carefree days in the 80s by the pool!

19. Summer Reading - I am not sure why, but I still purchase a stack of books for my summer reading. I guess I got sooo into the habit when I was a kid, it is now a necessity for me.

20. Finally - an excuse to go on a road trip!

What are your top 20? Or just a few items that remind YOU of summertime/happy thoughts?


Wendy said...

I am so there with you! 1-5, 11, 12, 13, 16, 18-20 are all on my list.
Add cute summer sun dresses, fresh, homemade lemonade and iced tea and the sound of crickets in the evening... And henna tattoos. :P

Leanne said...

Really LOVE this post (and pretty much all of the items on it!) Still haven't tried the Lime slushie yet (can you tell where my mind it today - that I focus specifically on THAT one?) But I love all that are your happy summer thoughts!


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