Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cheeseburgar Smile!

This morning I woke up a very satisfied girl.

Ironically enough, I thought I would start sharing what made me super happy last week (and posting this every Sunday).. when lo and behold my friend at Bons Vivants is doing the exact same thing! :-) Great minds think alike.

I have always wanted to figure out something I could do weekly. Most blogs have their niche.. and it was time for mine.

Listing the items that make this girl SMILE is a great give back to myself, my friends, and God!

Just a little happy list.. nothing more.

With out further ado..


1. Spending the day with the egyptian in Atlanta yesterday - visiting the Georgia Rennaisance Festival. (We held hands.. it was sweet. ;-) )

2. Getting my face painted at the Renn Fest. I felt like a little girl again.

3. Eating fried ice cream at the festival. hee hee

4. Watching a joust, and seeing the egyptian smile over how "cool" he thought it all was.

5. Seeing my friend, Telisa, at the festival. Telisa lives in Georgia and I have not seen her since December.

6. Watching "Breaking Point" at the festival. The show was hilarious.

7. Traveling to Douglasville to attend a cook out with my co-workers Sherelle and Tommie. I have not had grilled food in soooo long.

8. That leads me to - the best damned grilled chicken I have had in soooo long. The sausage was not bad either!

9. Having a virgin strawberry daiquiri. (I had to quit drinking back in October due to some meds I am on.) It was nice to partake of an old yummy drink, without all of the alcohol. Weird for me.. but good.

10. Watching as the Go Red For Women Luncheon was executed perfectly on Friday.

11. Watching the movie the Loser's with my husband. It was actually cute.

12. Coming home to a perfectly cleaned home - again- a big shout out to the egyptian!

13. The egyptian getting a new job!!!!!!!!!!

14. Meeting an amazing neurologist and executing a perfect radio interview!

15. Handling a sensitive situation at work, and getting told I handled it well!

16. My baked chicken!

17. The view from "The Club" - I could see all of Birmingham at night and the next day. An excellent view always makes me smile.

18. Surviving a tough "event" week at work.

19. Over the Mountain Journal sending the editor to Luncheon to do a feature.

20. Meeting Barbara Dooley.

21. Watching as the Television interview on Tuesday went perfectly!

22. Having lunch with Kristen (from ABC) at Firebirds.

23. Giving my sister good advice, and believing she just might take it.

24. Going for a little treat at Yougurt Mountain.

25. Getting a small portion of income tax back.

26. Buying a NEW, well fitted bra.

27. Getting a massage.

28. The peacock ring!

29. Purchasing a cute new skirt and heels for the summer.

30. Free tickets to the Renn Fest

31. Hearing that my parents had a relaxing, good day.

32. The weather is perfect.

33. Paying off some old bills.

34. Buying a new book - Firefyl Lane by Kristen Hannah

35. Finally - having my blog friends comment! You guys are seriously the best!

Scenes from this week:


Miel Abeille said...

Great minds do think alike!

The tables look amazing, as does your face paint -- very artistic! I love it!

Aren't we lucky to have so much to smile about?

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the "10 things to be thankful for" list I used to do weekly on my old "Juicy Life" blog... very nice!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun times!!!

Leanne said...

Ooooo - I LOVE this - and what a great week! Very cool (love the Ren fair! I haven't been in probably 20 years, but keep saying that I want to get back there. You may be my inspiration to DO IT THIS YEAR!!!)


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