Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chinese Massage and Wearing the Right Bra

This is definitely a weird week. I have waaaaaaay too much on my plate at work, so the blog posts are bit more personal and journal-esque than I would actually like.

My days are filled with prepping spokespeople, running by radio and tv stations for interviews and sincerly, trying not to b*tch slap anyone for talking back to me.

Yesterday was a mix of EXCELLENT and WTH. Workwise, meetings galore, press releases galore and conversations with Barbara Dooley (Vince Dooley's wife) were needless to say.. illuminating. If you don't know who that is - she is the wife of former AMAZING football coach for the University of Georgia. She is the keynote speaker at the Go Red For Women Luncheon here in Birmingham.

I had an excellent Midday interview on ABC 33/40. We used PJ Rossi - a heart survivor with an amazing story to help drive our mission home. She did an great job! That was a win.

Lunch with Kristen from the TV station was good - Firebird's. YUMM.. Their cilantro crusted chicken is always a win!

Then personal life comes bopping in... the egyptian got his panties twisted over the fact I would not chip in and help him buy a guitar. Oh, did I mention it is an electric guitar.. a flying V. WHO IN THE WORLD NEEDS AN ELECTRIC GUITAR .. A FLYING V  FOR THAT MATTER.. WHEN YOU LIVE IN A ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT AND .. NOT TO MENTION.. CANNOT PLAY THE DAMNED THING.


Okay.. I am done with that vent. Sorry.

Sooo.. while he was taking his dinner time siesta nap, I took off to do something I have needed to do my entire life. Get properly fitted for a bra. I did it. I went to the Fitting Touch at the Summitt. Miracles - the twins are lifted and supported and let me just say.. these girls are not small. I hope to feel like a new woman today! I got a bra in HOT PINK. lol A little celebration for me. Might I add - it seriously took about 10 pounds off me (visually speaking.) My actual size might scare you.. so I will not put it here. I just did not know bras came in that size. hahahahahaaa... I am so sorry if there are any guys out there reading this. :-$

I left there, still a little ticked at the guitar fiasco.. so I headed to the Oriental Chinese Holistic Wellness Center. I got a massage. Now - the Chinese Massage is a bit different. (Please not this is not one of those "happy ending" places.. these people actually use "Chinese Medicine" type of techniques. I think my qi or my yin and yang or something was unblocked.) ;-) Let's just say.. It hurt like hell.. but in a seriously good way. Elbows, Pinching.. twisting.. the poor little chinese man worked hard to break up the tension in my back. There was one move.. some type of manipulation of the individual vertebrae or spine things or the muscles between.. all the way down my back. IT HURT when he applied pressure (I assume he was doing accupressure) and then would dig in and twist.. however, some things popped and when he would release a flood warmth and relaxation would flow. INSANE how cool that was.

I woke up this morning a little stiff, and my back is red in certain areas. Blood is STILL flowing and I can feel it. Still warm where he worked the muscles.

I am soooo happy I went. The little man said, "You so tense." I just smiled.

That was my day. Seriously. Meetings. Tv Interview. Booking guests. Prepping speakers. Proofing a script. Guitar Argument. Excellent lunch. New bra. Chinese torture massage. Oh.. and I forgot.. I bought a peacock ring. It's too sassy! I will upload a picture soon.

What does this day hold? Who knows.. I hope to be inspired to write about something REAL soon. I apologize to any new readers.. it is sincerly not like this usually.


Tori Cooper said...

That's great! I've been meaning to go to get fitted a while back... my husband tells me that he is going to take me one of these days... I too am not one of those girls that can just go down to target and buy any bra off the rack, i need a lot of support.

I have never tried what you described, once went to a chiropractor with my husband and it totally freaked me out- I'm not really comfortable with other people manipulating my body the way you described... I never went back!

Can't wait to see this peacock ring... you said it's at Pier one??

Nicole said...

World Market!!!! :-)

Tori Cooper said...

Yeah that's right it was World Market! Okay, will check it out! :-D


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