Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coconuts and Salt Water

Back on the whole searching for peace subject...

Some of my most peaceful moments (truly peaceful) have taken place on a beach.

There is something about water that just lowers my blood pressure. I am OBSESSED with water. I love hot baths, I love ice cold water to drink, I love water fountains, ice sculptures.. you name it.

But the sea - ahhh.. the sea, that takes my passion to a whole new level.
I have been very lucky to see at least three bodies of water. The Atlantic Ocean, The Gulf of Mexico and the Meditteranean Sea. Yes.. yes.. there are many more bodies of water I need to see. In particular I am looking forward to seeing the Red Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

I have experienced amazing things by the ocean. When I was a little girl - maybe 10 or so, my family and I would vacation at Jekyll Island in Georgia. The area was called the Golden Isles. 

One summer, I remember sitting in a hidden gazebo that overlooked the ocean. It was early morning, and the sky was pink, the sun slowly rising, the sea gulls swooping down to have their breakfast - and I felt such a peace overcome me. Even at that age - it was powerful. The ocean took my heart then and there.

My first time actually viewing the Atlantic Ocean was at Tybee Island, Georgia. That is a little island attached to the north coast of Georgia, near Savannah. Tybee is your typical, funky beach. The only "moment" I had there was right before my surgury (to make the big C word go away) - I remember sitting there smelling the air, watching the waves and thinking.. if this doesn't work, this could be the last time I am at the sea.

When I was in High School, I took my senior trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I remember sitting at night on the steps leading down to the beach just listening to the sound of the ocean. Wondering.. what was coming next in my life. College was just a few short months away. I remember praying, just hoping for peace and prosperity. It was on those shores I said goodbye to the care-free teen ager and said hello to a young adult.

Think back to Jekyll Island - some major things happened there. For one, I wished on a star when I was 15. Yes - a shooting star. I have to say, the wish came true.

I also made a HUGE decision on that beach. Whether or not it was the right one, I got the blessing to move on. I decided to marry my first husband. I remember taking a girl's weekend with my friend Mary Therese, and we headed to Jekyll. I sat on that very beach and talked with her about the pros and cons of it all. Then I sent that message back out to the sea - and prayed for my one true love. I later married him.. but..

That takes me to the beaches of St. Augustine, Florida. Flash forward about 7 years. My sadness and need for TRUE love was killing me. My husband was far from being the man for me. I remember sitting in a gazebo with him, talking about how our marriage had fallen apart. I admitted I was not in love with him. He left - went back to the hotel room, and I looked out to the ocean and AGAIN left my heart there pleading with the powers that be. See, I never gave up on the idea of soul mates. Never once in my life. I left my thoughts, my heart, my need right there on the ocean... I walked away with sadness in my heart. But a sort of peace also.

That following summer I spent many weekend in Destin, Florida with a very good friend of mine, Lynn. I found warmth, comfort and smiles on the Guld of Mexico. We flirted with the future. Talked about things to come. We tried our best not to let the worries of home dirty of the perfect white sand beaches. The gulf represents a care-free happiness for me.

I have visited a few other beaches that I left a little "emotion" there. I spent some time in Key West, Florida.
I have to admit, I felt perplexed while visiting the keys. It was beautiful, but I could not "soak it up." I was surrounded by elements that stressed me out.

So - my opinion of Key West and the beautiful waters of both the Atlantic and the Gulf (they meet up there) collided. Perhaps my emotions that were sent out to sea could not meet up. It was conflicting needs, wants, memories. It effected me also.

Highland Beach, Florida left a beautiful taste in my mouth. It was a brief encounter.. but a pleasant one.

I think Highland Beach has more to offer. I remember feeling a sense of peace and falling in love with the area (it's near Boca).. perhaps there are some memories waiting to be made there.

I have partied it up at Panama City Beach, Florida. I think that beach, again on the Gulf of Mexico, is used to having the frivilous spirit released.

The views were spectacular, the trinkets and junk was cheap. The beer was cold and the music loud. Panama City will always carry and interesting place in my heart.

Sure I have visited many places along the way.. I spent two summers vacationing in Jacksonville. I spent a few weeks down in Daytona Beach. I have been to Tampa.. drivin down the coast - A1A (beachfront Avenue.) Been to Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Cape Canaveral. All positive experiences.

I have spent time along the Gulf Coast - Orange Beach, Alabama; Gulf Shores, Alabamal; Biloxi, MS; New Orleans, LA.

But I always return to the dark blue, mysterious deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

My last plea to the ocean was in Jekyll Island. The moon was full, and I was sitting in a gazebo over looking the rocky edge of the ocean. The way the moonlight hit the water was one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. I decided to consult the moon and the water this time. One more wish.

Three months later - I met the egyptian. Straight across the Atlantic. Later, I would travel across that big, blue ocean and visit the land of civilation - Egypt. There I would meet a new body of water - full of hopes, and dreams - the Mediterranean Sea. 

Here, the egyptian asked for my hand in marriage. We "married" the islamic way two blocks from the Meditteranean Sea. My heart was complete. My soul mate was found.

Later, he crossed the deep blue waters of the Atlantic.

Last December, he and I were on the Pier at Tybee Island, overlooking the sea. I explained this was the first place I ever saw the ocean. It was his first time at the Atlantic. He said, "Something about the water scares me." I told him - this is what separated us for so long.

I think it is time I took him to Jekyll. I think this island holds our secrets. ;-)


Miel Abeille said...

You are so, so lucky! I am thrilled whenever soulmates find each other.

Nicole said...


Anonymous said...

I used to live in the middle of the Pacific! I do miss the beach sometimes... *sigh*

Nicole said...

Cassandra - the question is - WHY did you ever leave????


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