Sunday, May 23, 2010

Today is the Day

I made a promise to myself that I would start this healthier/holistic official change on Sunday. Guess what? It's Sunday.

I have a pulled muscle in my leg (from exercising/stretching) and I have not made it to the grocery store.

Instead of getting frustrated and saying, "Well, tomorrow is another day." I decided I can do what I can with what I have.

To me- living a more healthy/holistic life is going to include both mental as well as physical changes. For one, I decided sometime last week that I need to find way to "unplug." Literally. I need to disconnect from the outside world.. at least for a few hours a day.

So far this year, I let outside influences infest my safe nest with toxic "fake" positivity. Does that make sense? Basically, I always felt an excellent friend has my best interests at heart. I took note, and now I have a better understanding of what that looks like.

My idea is to work on me, without involving a lot of people (in a hands on capacity.) Come up with little projects and hobbies by myself. I think too often as females, we need a pack of us to attempt most things. I need to find that peace in living without so much support. (Is it really support if it causes you grief later???)

There are so many things I want to see and do and try and read and taste and feel. I will try to make a list and see what need to happen to close out the second half of this year.

As for as food, I am heading back to the Mediterranean diet full-force. I dabbled for a while, then it turned into a trickle. Now I want a full fledged gusher. I was only purchasing local, organic fruits and veggies - then I got lazy and went to Walmart and Publix. Time to head back to the earth. It takes more time and money, but in the end - it is sooo worth it.

As for exercise, as soon as my leg heals, I will make a more scheduled plan with the trainer. I want to do the aerobic portion on my own. But use him for the sculpting. I want to commit to two days a week, not three. Not now. I know I need three of weights, but honestly - it is hard for me to commit to anything more than twice a week. For now, it will be better than nothing.

I am also doing a spring cleaning. I am going to get rid of soooo many things. I have already begun the transformation in the bathroom. I have a new curtain, rugs, and some accessories. It is nice to change things from time to time. Now, we want to sell my dining room suit, and replace with something a bit smaller. I am also tossing the leather couch and twin day bed in the sun room. Anyone interested in these items - please let me know now!

I hope with the new commitments, new food, new hobbies, new schedule I will have a better outlook on my days. I hope to see the difference and feel the difference in time.

I am always sooo bad about starting something, and never following through. I want to look at this as a journey... with no end in site. I don't want to set goals. I only want to improve. It's about the quality of life.. not the pounds, anxiety, and material goods shed.


Leanne said...

APPLAUSE APPLAUSE!!! (Can you hear it??) I feel the need for a healthier life, too, Nicole. And you know what, I am going to join forces with you (do you mind?) I'm taking this turn TODAY, too. Yesterday my dear PG sent me for a massage. It felt incredible. I don't think I've done anything for my BODY in a LONG LONG time. SO, I decided yesterday that the time spent ignoring myself (both physically and mentally) is OVER. WE CAN DO IT. I'm here if you need me! Happy LIFE Day!

Leanne said...

oh, and that doesn't mean that I'm going for a massage weekly (although the thought is quite incredible, isn't it? ) That just means I'm going to do things (eat healthy things, stretch, move my body, meditate, all of that!) for myself.

Nicole said...

Leanne - Sounds Awesome! If I find new ideas, etc. to share I will - please do the the same!! Let's treat it as a mental and physical make over!!

Miel Abeille said...

Good luck! The Mediterranean Diet is a tasty and healthy way to live. Bon appetit!

Libby Lu said...

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for your comment on my blog! It's nice to come by your blog and see that the first post I read is about a lot of what I've been thinking about this past weekend. I'm also on a journey for something better and different in my life. Count me in as a follower :)


Anonymous said...

I gained ten pounds this past semester from the stress and bad eating (thanks to the stress). I freaked when I hopped on the scale and saw those ten extra pounds. So I need some healthier living as well.
I'm gunna try to exercise this summer. Maybe lose 20+ lbs.


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