Monday, May 24, 2010

What is RIGHT?

I am just going to put this out there and see what comes back to me.

How much  - is too much information?

Do you know what I mean? Where is the line drawn when it comes to having a confidante versus just plain gossip?

Should you tell your partner/spouse everything?

If so, should you be given the option for "safe grounds"? Licence to vent?

I come from the philosophy that if you keep things bottled up.. you are like Kevin Kline's character in "French Kiss", where Meg Ryan announced in a french cafe.. "Fester Fester Fester.. rot rot rot."

I express - I don't repress. Apparently, that's not a good thing to some people.

Typically, I don't care what others think. I live my life out loud.. but when someone you know says you are not a good person because you may or may not have not-so-good feelings about someone, and you express that - then you are not a loyal, trust worthy person. HUH?

Do you keep your opinions to yourself? What if someone hurts you, and you want to share what that person did to you? By sharing that with a confidante, does that make you an evil- gossipy person. When you share past hurts, or disagreements, etc - does that make you untrustworthy?

These are perplexing questions to me on this Monday morning. Clearly I did not get the memo that I am supposed to smile and pretend life is just one big rose-colored stage for me to perform on.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I cannot repress my feelings. I have to purge my sour thoughts to someone, or else I get all panicky and depressive.
Though, if it's about a friend, I always make a point of saying I care about this person very much, but they are upsetting me. I try to understand that whatever they're doing, it's probably not personal, they probably don't know how much they're upsetting me. So I just keep that in mind.
You can't pretend live is perfect all the time. It's not. Whoever thinks it is, they're fools.


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