Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spiritual Exercising

I LOVE Sunday mornings.. don't you? I love them so much more than Saturdays. I find that I am still so keyed up from the week on Saturday morning that I just can't seem to unwind. Oh.. but Sunday morning, I feel just fine.

Today I am sitting on my balcony writing this. It's hot, no doubt about it, and it's only 10am. I would guesstimate it is about 89 degrees if not hotter. It's early enough that I still hear the cicadas and a tree frogs, and luckily not a lot of traffic, considering I live very close to a highway.

It's moments like these that I feel really alive.

Today I begin a four week spiritual journey. That's right! I bought a book by one of my FAVORITE saints, St. Ignatius. It's called
I found this book by accident. Last week, one of my co-workers fell through some glass shelves we have at the museum, I took her to get stitches. On one of her follow-up visits to the doctor, she said she really felt like she wanted to go somewhere and pray. I told her that Catholic churches are always open. She told me she had never been to one. Since we were less than a mile from mine, I took her to my church. Let me just say that my church is definitely one that will take your breath away. It is absolutely gorgeous. Google St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Macon and just view the images. Anyway, we happen to have a book store, and it is hit and miss as to whether it is open. The open sign was on! We went in, and I selected a St. Michael medal for my friend and happened upon some books.
I actually have the biography of St. Ignatius and find him to be completely fascinating. Here is a guy who was powerful, wealthy, and quite the Ladies man and partyer.. who one day turned his entire life around. He is also the founding father of the Jesuits. Think Catholic mysticism.. and you will get what I am saying. Super spiritual.
Speaking of which.. this is his actual book. Like.. yes.. he wrote it. The book description is as follows from Amazon:
St. Ignatius of Loyola wrote the Spiritual Exercises between 1522 and 1524, and today, nearly five centuries later, Jesuits in training are still required to study it and follow its precepts during their first year in the novitiate. Not designed to be read cover to cover in one sitting, this book is made up of daily meditations meant to be closely examined in isolation over a period of about four weeks, under the guidance of a spiritual director. Though The Spiritual Exercises have traditionally been read primarily by those training for the priesthood, in recent years increasing numbers of lay people and non-Catholics are discovering its joys and insights. This edition-edited by Father Elder Mullan (1865-1925) and published in 1914-is essential for anyone interested in strengthening his or her faith and relationship with God. Spanish priest and spiritual philosopher SAINT IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA (1491-1556) has been described by Pope Benedict XVI as "a man of God," "a man of profound prayer," and "a faithful servant of the Church." The principal founder of the Society of Jesus, Ignatius was canonized in 1622. His writings include Letters and Instructions of St. Ignatius Loyola 1 (1524-1547).

There you have it! Granted, I;m not going to be entering the priesthood or working with a spiritual director, but I am going to embark on this little journey.

Each Sunday, for the next 4 weeks, I will share with you what I have learned, if it is appropriate. If you want to follow along, pick up a copy - clearly Amazon sells it.

Have a great Sunday! 

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