Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do I have to blog about everything that bothers me?

Everyday I wake up with choices: I can choose to be happy or sad. Outgoing or shy. Inquisitive or apathetic.

I can vent or I can clam up.

I choose to vent.

Well, on my blog.. that is.

It's true.

If something is driving me crazy, my first reaction (in all seriousness) is to write some passive aggressive status update on Facebook. It's amazing how many times I have written some super witty statement bashing half of the population on my page... then I erase and cancel. No use in pissing off people.

Then I head to Twitter. I have 140 characters to get out what I want to say. Most of the time, I can get to my point, but on the really BIG stuff, I resort to my blog. Here, I am able to get out EXACTLY what I want to say, and to the audience that chooses to hear/read what it is that drives me bonkers.

Then 20 minutes to an hour later, I delete the post.

Why? For fear of saying what I really think and completely isolating myself from any friends that may still be around.

Sad, isn't it?

I think society has basically told me, "Be honest, when it benefits me. Be quiet, when it does not benefit me." I think that's what makes me sort of.. well.. a bitch. If you ask me a question, and I truly care about you, I am going to tell you what I think. My intention is NOT to hurt you. I swear on that. I just think people need to be more honest with each other.

Heck, I could have 500 fantastic "besties" if I just kissed a few people's *insert noun here.* But instead, I am who I am.. take it or leave it. Fiercely loyal, intensely inquisitive, and.. well.. the older I get, I am a bit more opinionated. Where does that leave me?

I suppose at the end of the day.. it's best to just keep my thoughts, those "types" of thoughts, to myself. Then again, which would you rather: Know what I am thinking, or have me think things that may not be so kind, and pretend it's all good?

For the record, this is not about any one thing in particular, but a lot of things I am noticing online. Friends deleting friends over political reasons (yep.. we are in another season,) people blocking people over petty things, others questioning whether you believe XYZ.. heck.. and my favorite complaint for most people, "Do you even know what the hell you are talking about?" Take for instance, some people today on FB with the whole Chic-fil-A thing.

I won't even go there. Actually, I have met the Cathy family. I have heard some not-so-nice things said about "other people" from them. I don't quite think any of that sounds very "Christian" to me... but again.. it is probably a GREAT idea for me to keep that to myself.

Let those who think they know what's up in the world shout it from the rooftops. I like how Napoleon put it once, "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. "

Nicely put, Napoleon. Nicely put.


Andrea said...

Oh my - I'm so glad I happened to come across your blog today. I don't know how many times I've put up a status on FB and thought "now isn't that witty" to turn around and almost immediately delete it. So glad to see I'm not alone! I find that not always speaking my mind turns out to be wise most of the time. Love what you have to say!

songbyrd on the mountain said...

been there, done that as they say!! I hold back in my blog posts sometimes trying to strike a balance between positive and upbeat yet still being transparent and honest. taint easy!! but then am I writing for me or for my readers? answer that and I'll know what to write and what to delete. LOL


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