Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend In Review

Snapshots of my life this weekend...
Do you have a junk plate or bowl? This is my bathroom junk plate.

I made a chocolate peanut butter pie with fat-free milk! PS - For my parent's anniversary.

So many of us use powdered flavor for our water... but I beg you, please pick the proper stuff. See this one? Good stuff.

Even made with Truvia. Give it a try... much better for you than the chemical stuff.

Love my soaps.. random shot of some soaps on stand by. (I buy different kinds and stock up.)

They finally make it BIGGER bottles!

All of my subscriptions came in on the SAME DAY - Friday. It was like Christmas!!! What do you subscribe to?

The two books I'm reading now..

My snack plate in the frig. Do you keep a bowl or snack plate?

This morning I was writing my blog on my balcony.. drinking my coffee...

Working on the crust for the dessert.

The "cleaning the spoon" self portrait.

YUM. With Mediterranean Sea Salt mix sprinkled on top.

Look who came for lunch?

She said she missed me. It's been two weeks since we saw one another...

Such a prankster.

She is such a story teller

How cute.. Autumn left me a little present....

Random shot.. See that little crystal tree? It's from my Brazilian exchange student. He says all families have one.. and it is supposed to bring happiness.

right after we rumbled!

The fruit bowl. ;-) What's in your bowl? We have pears, bananas and oranges.

My wax warmer... in the kitchen.

Do you enjoy hot tea? We've got Truvia for sweets.. Green Tea with Lemongrass and Mint, Green tea with orange/passionfruit/jasmine, and an arabic cardamon tea.

Have you tried this yet??? WOWOWOW.

Mom brought me fresh basil from their garden. A little organic herb!

I actually broke out the cds this weekend. Listened to Andra's Verdi and Romanza and Angelique.

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