Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. That I am blown away by the kindness of people in my hometown. I've been gone so long, and the people/places have changed - yet this new breed making things happen are just as open and warm to me as the old faces were back in the day.

2. Spending weekends with my niece, just the two of us, is fantastic for recharging my battery. The older she gets, the more I enjoy her company.

3. Clayten aka Satan. True Story: At lunch, my niece told me about her experience at VBS. Her step mother and father (while in Florida) enrolled her in one at a Protestant church in Ocala. Autumn's mom (my sister) is a pagan, while the rest of the family is Catholic. She looked at me (at lunch today) and says, "I know everything about Jesus now." I smiled and said, "Really? Tell me all about it." She then went on to say, "When we see the snake, Clayten, we growl at him." I listened and was trying to figure out who "Clayten" was. Then she said, "Make sure to say: Get behind me, Clayten." I busted out laughing... and said, "Autumn, do you mean Satan?" She looked at me so serious and said, "Yeah.. that guy." Cracks me up. hahahaha

4. One really, truly can live on egg whites and turkey bacon.

5. I look good in cobalt blue.

6. Swimming is amazing therapy. Both physical and emotional.

7. I still don't "get" the Olympics.

8. I have VIP passes to the Bronner Brother's Hair Show. Remember that film Chris Rock did on Good Hair? Well.. Upscale Magazine did a piece on us, and sent me passes. Now I need to figure out if I want to go to Atlanta alone and check this out!

9. Apparently lasers can cure everything. From wrinkles to fungus!

10. I love cheese.

11. That a simple thing like - color my hair - can make me feel good.

12. I am extremely uncomfortable when people make a comment about something I am wearing. Even when it is a "compliment." I don't like drawing a lot of attention to myself, believe it or not. OR.. you can pay attention, just don't TELL me.

13. I suppose I am just a bit shy.

14. So many fun visitors coming (lesson learned here - I DO CARE ABOUT PEOPLE) - my former exchange student from Australia is hiking the Appalachian trail and should be in Georgia in a few months. (he's some where near Maine.) Plus, two former interns are going to give Ol' Macon a chance and check out the job market!

15. It's nice to be in a more humid climate. Wait.. let me rephrase. My skin is happy to be in a more humid climate. Though Bham could get humid - it had NOTHING on Macon. The slogan for our city, "It's Hotter Here" means more than one thing!

16. Apparently my niece is impatient with me writing this and wants to go swimming - NOW.

17. Garlic toast before bed is never a good idea.

18. Especially when you consumed 6 prunes with dinner.

19. I'm finally reading some fiction. (again.) I go through phases.

20. I love South Korean House Music. Case in point:

1 comment:

Pam Lofton said...

I honestly can't imagine you as shy at all! I was able to enjoy my two nieces the last 5 days and it was grand having kids in the house again. Even if it was just for a short time. Hope y'all enjoyed your swim. And I know all about the heat over your way. At least we do get an ocean breeze here!


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