Friday, August 31, 2012

Coffee is good, Politics are bad.


(This morning deserved that, right?)

I woke up after a FANTASTIC night's sleep. Something so rare and elusive that I wanted to savor those happy feelings for at least an hour.

I began my routine, as I begin every morning.. I stumble to the bathroom, then make my way back to my bed. One of two things will happen- I will curl back up and reset my clock pending how my hair looks upon awaking (which means I could possibly skip the washing,) or I prop up a few pillows and open my laptop.

To view FB.

I read the comments from a status I wrote about the RNC. Nothing earth shattering, I just talked about how Condi did a great job, Ryan distorted the truth, Clint Eastwood bombed, Rubio was a cutie and I simply implied that Mitt made me yawn. For the record, there has never been any confusion on who I am voting for. So, in respect to the RNC and my friends that are staunch conservatives (I can't even bring myself to say Republican anymore - because these people are sooooo far right, I see very little of the original idea of the Republican party - that I posted my new profile pic (post) Mitt's speech. It's of me and Obama. One month before he was elected President.

Then I got some of the most mis-directed, hateful remarks. Some in box, some in the comment section. By well-meaning, ill-informed people.

Someone said, "I feel sad for you."

No honey... I feel sad for YOU.

Granted, all of this took place before my morning coffee.

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