Friday, August 17, 2012

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. My museum is on the verge of something HUGE. I can't wait to slowly leak it out. (Don't worry, it's okay.. it's my job to do that!)

2. I work with highly creative, highly intelligent people (for a change.) It's a nice feeling. No more boxes to work in. No more micro-managing. Gone are the days of being judged by a number.. now it's the quality and actual impact (out are the ridiculous goals tied to numbers you got from a billboard in my previous life.) THANK GOD.

3. That time spent apart (almost 2 weeks now) and absolutely no time talking (almost two weeks now).. unfortunately, nothing  changed. He walked in and said absolutely nothing to me.

4. Even if you do and become everything your significant other wants... it does not mean it will make that person happy.

5. I think in a few more weeks.. it may very well be the end. Or it may not. Who knows. ZERO communication.

6. I am completely heart broken.

7. I am resilient. I will be okay.

8. I did everything I could.

9. I am learning to be alone. Thank goodness for cheesiest tv marathons on Netflix and my books.

10. I need to get out more. (meetings don't count.)

11. That I guess I am officially a grown up. I have joined the downtown Rotary club in Macon.

12. That so many good things are happening, and I have no one to celebrate them with. That hurts too. Not even a proper BFF these days. Damn.. I need to make some new friends.

13. That coming down with a wretched cold won't actually kill you, but it feels like it should.

14. That being alone, having a HORRIBLE cold with fever, not talking to your other half and having a FULL week of meetings will not kill you either. But I am surprised it did not.

15. That I can smile and pretend everything is okay. I really should win an academy award.

16. That I can lose more weight if I take cold medicine and sleep the night away. (No dinner.)

17. That my nails look pretty painted red.

18. That I can STILL live off egg whites and turkey bacon.

19. That I finally feel like I am home (in my new place.)

20. That even though all of these bad things (personally) are happening around me, without me being able to  control it or change it on my own, I am actually okay. No, really, I am. Even through the cold, the hectic schedule and the lack of support - I can still find things to be super happy about. For ONCE.. they are overshadowing the bad.

Praise God.


1 comment:

Joyce said...

Just sending out a great big virtual *hug*. :-)


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