Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going for the impossible

Today is the day I am supposed to share with you how I am doing on my weight loss journey.

I gained .2 of a pound last week.
But I am still on track.

I am fairly certain I know what happened:
Potato chips.

That's right, I brought a bag in and I proceeded to eat a few from time to time. Not my finest moment, but I did revert back to bad habits.

But there was a very clear correlation to my eating the chips and gaining the .2 of a pound.

What's next?

Well.. make it through the week.
It's week 7 (Seriously) on this journey - I have lost 13 pounds and it seems I have slowed down a bit.
There is a missing component and I plan to change before the month's end.

I plan on heading back to the gym.

An official gym.

Soo.. it should all level out after that.

If you are on a weight loss journey, how are you doing?

Have you slowed down?

Let's keep on.. keeping on. Shall we?

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