Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Things I am Obsessing Over ~ K Pop

Perhaps it's the bright, bold colors. Perhaps it's the nostalgia of the 80's bubblegum pop that I used to love. Whatever the reason, I have a new obsession - K-Pop.

K-Pop is an abbreviation of Korean Popular Music. It's a musical genre featuring dance, electronic, electropop, hip hop and R&B music from South Korea. Believe it or not, K-Pop is getting a lot of attention from around the world and is even inspiring a fashion concept.

What I find completely fascinating is the whole music industry in South Korea. It takes the whole idea of "studio created" to a completely different level.  The talented hopeful enter into an "apprenticeship." It is the universal strategy for nurturing girl groups, boy bands, and solo artists in the K-pop industry. To guarantee the high probability of success of new talent, talent agencies fully subsidize and oversee the professional lives and careers of trainees, often spending in excess of $400,000 to train and launch a new artist.

Through the practice of apprenticeship, which often lasts two years or more, trainees hone their voices, learn professional choreography, sculpt and shape their bodies through exercise, and study multiple languages all the while attending school.

But don't take my word for it.. see for yourself:

Finally.. looking to see how serious this K-Pop is, check out this quick story on K-Pop. Will blow your mind!

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