Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things I wish I could say to my friends... but have not. ;-)*

*recognize the humor

Okay.. it's Friday. Usually I tell you what you need to see (movie or TV wise.)

How about my vent of the week, instead??? I started to write one of my famous lists... but instead, I turned to my favorite subscription on Youtube to share with you some of my vents this week.

I love this Project Rant (project.) They contain a few things I would like to say.. honestly..


I dedicate this one to a certain some one. ;-)

Oh my... I dedicate this one to many some ones...

I have about 4 friends that this one could go out to....

This one is dedicated to some teenagers I know, and sadly, some 40-something year olds.


HAHAHAHA... In high school, I was the drama kid. In college, I was the writer and ended up hating the drama kids... .

You know who you are:

This is a general rant...

One of the MANY reasons I have been traumatized by people who wear open toes shoes.


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