Sunday, August 19, 2012

My meditation

Don't laugh.
It's television.

Lately, that's my therapy.

Typically on a Sunday I will share something "spiritual" or "inspiring" for you. Honestly, a good belly laugh and thought provoking storyline can be as inspirational and foundational as any time I spend listening to a quick sermon at church.

Hope that did not sound too sacrilegious. But it's true. I learn. I laugh. I cry. I sometimes strive to be a better person. I root for the under dog. I feel... good. Isn't that good for the soul?

With that being said, here are the trailers for my absolute favorite television shows. The ones I have watched from beginning to end. Disclaimer: Not all are wholesome, so don't confuse what I said below with the idea that I am cleansing my soul. Sometimes enjoying myself is just as satisfying.

This is just a sample of the shows in past year I have re watched or watched entire seasons. Enjoy!

(With my fave dancer!!)

What about you????

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