Thursday, June 23, 2011

Peddling Your Wares

Here's the thing - I don't actually make anything worth selling. Seriously. I guess I did not inherit that gene. My mom - she paints, draws, can crochet, sew, do macrame (remember that stuff?) and just about any other craft you can imagine. Oh yeah, and she can cook.

My sister, she is right behind her. Dad? Amazing calligrapher.

Me? I can annoy you with my twisted humor and non-stop chatter.

As I go through so many blogs, I see some really creative people. You guys have amazing skills! You could actually make some money from your wares!

I want to introduce you to just a few REALLY creative people and their blogs...

A Crafty Kind of Truffle

Bonehead Studios

Cakes by Dawn

Davida Parker Photography

Favorite Vintage Finds

Food Floozie

From Chaos Comes Happiness

From the Desk of Jim Reed

Gypsy Magic

iHeart Scrapping

Kitsch N Sink Studio

Kitsch N Sink/Half Baked

Laura Rowe Photography


Living With Art

Middle Georgia Art Association

Moonlight and Magnolias

Renew Your Space

Style Maniac

Sugar Plum Delights 

Words of Me Project

These are just a few of the VERY creative bloggers that I follow out there. Some are strictly sharing their "art form" or some you have to look for their DIY tab or Store.

Open up a few, follow a few - and let me know which ones you like the most! :-)


shannon said...

Thanks for the shout out! And you are creative, just not in a crafty-sewing-macrame-ing kind of way. :)

Anonymous said...

Awe, you are so sweet to mention me here! Thanks so much for that! Don't forget to stop by and enter my giveaway ;). Now I'm off to check out some of the others you've mentioned here. ~Hugs, M.

Flora said...

Hello Nicole!!! Thanks muchly for adding me to your list here, it is very kind of you to do this and very much appreciated, you have a wonderful blog too!!!

becca said...

will have to go check them out

Everyday Life

scrapwordsmom said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out, Nicole!! I am looking forward to seeing those other blogs,too. Anything artsy crafty I LOVE!

I know what you are soooo good at....writing:)

Leanne said...

Yeah, yeah . . . "I don't actually make anything worth selling." blah blah (see, no sympathy from this blog friend. None at all.) You have more creativity than anyone I know - your words are your art, my dear. And that . . . is priceless.

(But thanks for the shout out - I'm blushing like crazy.)

Kristine said...

ah..Thank you Nicole for the mentions!!..and DITTO!!..I second Leanne's comment above..:-)I feel bad now for not posting on my blogs for such a long while..My recent "Real" job has done that to me..blah!!..I would much rather be making things.
Oh and my Favorite??..No doubt, My Very Good friend Flora, of Bonehead Studio is one of my hands' Down Faves..her works will make you smile all day long! Glad to see shes one of your faves too. ;-)


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