Friday, June 24, 2011

Saying Goodbye.. in Style

On FB, I have been working on the 30 Day Song Challenge. A few weeks ago, I posted my choices here in a blog post. On Day #24 (which is today,) I was asked to share a song you would hear at a funeral. The song I picked is not one I think you would typically hear at funeral - but it is one I want sung at mine.


I don't think so.

Have you ever actually stopped to think about how you want to go out? You know, that final party, the last hoorah? I think too often we try NOT to think about it, and just skip over it. No one wants to think about dying, much less having to plan their own funeral.

I think my inspiration for thinking about the funeral came around the time my Great Grandmother died. She had her funeral planned out to a T. It kind of reminds me of that movie, 'Imitation of Life.' She lived poor most of her life, and any money she had, she saved up and planned a lavish funeral. She had a beautiful coffin, as far as coffins go - and an amazing spread of flowers. She had everything picked out, and would often talk about it with a smile.

I loved the way she thought about death. As long as I can remember, she always had the same answer to when I would ask,

" Granny, are you scared to die?"

"Oh no, child. When then Good Lord takes me, I am ready." Then she would often add a little comment about wanting to see her late husband again. She must have really loved that man, he died in the 1960's and she did not pass away until the 1980s. That's a long time to be without the one you love. I used to remember her washing her dishes (she did not have a dishwasher,) and she would often be staring out the window, as if in a dream like state. I would ask her what she was thinking about, and she would say, "I hope to see the Good Lord soon." :-)

I don't think she ever meant it in a way that meant she was unhappy with life. I really think she missed her husband. She was a very happy woman, and sweet as pie. Man I miss her.

Back to funerals:
Sooo.. I have one more question for you guys. Have you ever come close to having to plan your own funeral? You know, actually go though something that might actually kill you? Sickness? etc.

It's amazing how quickly you begin to take the idea of being ready for something waaaay more seriously. I remember, before a certain operation, I wrote in my journal all of the details I wanted in case something went wrong. I also remember the first time I was in the hospital with meningitis, and was unsure how that scary disease worked, I often thought, "Man, I need to make sure I tell someone where that journal is."

The only decision I have not made is whether to be buried or cremated. I am simply not sure. Part of me is sort of practical and wants a viewing and burial. Then the romantic side of me wants to cremated and my ashes spread in some fantastic places.

God willing, I have plenty of time to decide.

Or do we?

Just two days ago, another friend of mine died. She and I went to middle and high school together. She is my age. She had a heart attack.

Time keeps on ticking... each day we are one day closer.

In closing, I am going to share the 3 songs I want sung at my funeral. This has NEVER changed, for as long as I have lived.

At least, I know THAT for sure.


scrapwordsmom said...

The song Angel is my hubby's favorite ever!

Anonymous said...

I've thought it out a few times. Once in my early 40's when I struggled with Cancer, and now that I'm 50 and married, its always good to have a plan set out to spare the loved ones. My song never changed. The new version of Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)by Chris Tomlin.

PS. Don't forget to Enter the Giveaway today my friend. ~Hugs, M


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