Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sleepy Head

I'm a sleepy head.

Sorry for the "missing in action."

I did not sleep well on Monday night. Random reasons.. and I wake up early (early for me) to take the egyptian to work, then get myself to work. Needless to say, rushing in the morning, and only getting 1/2 a cup of coffee can take a toll on you.

My manager was in town to do media visits with me. We stopped by one of my radio sponsors yesterday and had a really nice, long chat. My connection there was truly complimentary and that was nice to hear. Again, like I said before, it's all about relationships. Later, we stopped by a potential TV sponsor and all signs point to yes, and then wrapped it up with a lovely meeting at one of my newspaper sponsors.

All in all - it was a good day. (Oh, I forgot to mention - she and I went to FLIP again. I am in love with the burgers there.) Not the most heart healthy, but it was my one meal for the day!

Last night, I got home and finished a movie I had tried to watch on Monday night. It was called, "Beyond the Dark" ` sort of almost a B film.. and well.. weird. That's all I can say about that.

I ended up crashing around 8:30 - did you read that - 8:30PM. It was glorious. Then I got up around 12:30am sooo thirsty, took care of that and crashed again. I had the most bizarre dreams. I only remember glimpses of them now..... just weird.

Today is another super packed day - three meetings: Cable sponsor, TV sponsor and another Radio sponsor. It's all good.

After I finish up with the radio sponsor, I am going to stop by and see a friend who has been sick recently. Maybe having a little girl time will be good for me.

As for my vacation next week, I think, my plans have changed. I believe I am just going to go home for the week. The driving back and forth is not good, and truly, the egyptian and I need a little vacation from each other. I believe it's good to spend time apart, helps make you appreciate one another more. Plus. I want to hang out with my friends, just me - and not have someone over my shoulder freaking out if I buy something, or say something.. or whatever.

Okay.. time to finish up this up of coffee. This is the most random "catch up" post. I promise to be more theme oriented once I catch up on all of my sleep.

I consider these morning ramblings my 10 minute morning pages. Someone told me years ago, the first thing you should do in the morning is just brain dump for 10 minutes.

That my friends is what I just did.

Forgive me - going to hit publish without spell check. My apologies - coffee is calling.


Shermika said...

I don't think I noticed one error LOL. Sometimes, it's just good to get everything out and just lay out your plans. Seems like you've been busy lately. And everything doesn't have to be theme oriented. I love the post as is!

Peggy K said...

My fave posts are at my fave blogs are usually the brain dumps. So don't think you need to theme it up all the time.
Glad your day with the manager went well!


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