Friday, June 10, 2011

Redefining the Goals

Last fall, I shared with you guys some new items I wanted to learn or try, new goals, if you will. Every six months or so, I take a moment and set a few little priorities and if I complete them - Great! If not, no problem.

Out of the list from over one year ago, I have only accomplished one item. That's okay - it's important to reevaluate from time to time.

I am created a new list, starting today - items I hope to do more of before year's end:

1.  Really learn a foreign language. I know quite a bit of French, though it is not perfect. Maybe I could take a class and try to perfect what I know. Or I could finally take a Spanish class. I would love to learn more Arabic, but my husband does not seem to want to take the time to teach me. I often ask what a word means and he simply replies, "Not now.. Not now."

2. Increase my sewing projects. Now that I know how to make those pillows, time to move to something new. I need to learn how to read patterns and figure out how to make different things that way.

3. Watch more foreign films. I have really been getting into foreign films lately. Thanks to Netflix. There are some really wonderful gems out there.

4. Attend more classes, versus buying stuff. When I go shopping, I tend to buy stuff. None of it makes me a better person. But random classes just might! I still want to take a pottery class.

5. Organize my blog. I want to be a little more organized on here. Maybe have specific things I talk about. I think with the increase in followers, it is a little weird to use this as my personal journal. Maybe use it as a forum to share things I know, like, or inspire me. Hmm.. not sure.

6. Continue to try new recipes. I stopped for a month, after the egyptian told me he thought I was making too much food. Poo on him. I am going to try, try again.

7. Spend more time outside.

8. I love how when I am honest with certain people, they disappear from my life. Soo - right now, I can't think of a single person in my life, that is driving me crazy. THAT IS A FIRST.

9. Try to get home on the weekends more often.

10. Finally, celebrate and find joy more often!

1 comment:

Ms. Blasé said...

Sounds like we've got a few things in common :)

I've been trying (on and off) to learn various foreign languages for eons. So far, I've only obtained poor Spanish and Arabic.

I've only seen a few (Mandarin) foreign films, but would love to one day have a gargantuan collection from all over the world.

Last year I took sewing classes and learned how to make a set of pajamas, a skirt and a shirt because I thought I was going to fashion school... or be on Project Runway. (Neither happened.)

I took ceramics class in college and also enjoy trying new cooking recipes. The joy thing I'm still working on.

Best wishes on your pursuits!!!


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