Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rewind - Before the blog

Right now I am reading a chapter on Marriage in my 'Happiness Project' book. It really has me thinking about my relationship. (In a good way.)

I decided to recap some "journal entries" I have pre-blog days. I am going to recap a few here over the next few days.. just to remember how far we have come.

Nov. 7, 2008

Yesterday was a monumental day in my life.

A struggle. A trial. A process.

 I got a first hand look at what it means to become an American citizen.

My fiance, the egyptian, passed the final portion of the "test" to immigrate to America, to marry me, and for the two of us to FINALLY start our lives together.

Two year process.


If anyone can make it through an engagement this long, paperwork, and your entire lives pulled apart and love for each other questioned - then you deserve to be married!!

I won't go into great detail - just know we have struggled, begged, paid thousands - and finally we are heading down the path to our future. I would have moved to Egypt if necessary. Really I would. I loved it there, and I love the people and the culture.

 I am fairly good at foreign languages, I know I could master arabic in time - but the opportunites for me would have been limited. Here - the sky is the limit.

Not that this step is the end of our struggles. Actually it is only the beginning. Unfortunately we live in a world of bigots, ignorance and the uncultured.

I am a white, educated, american catholic who lives in the south. I am marrying an arab, educated, egyptian sunni muslim who lives a world away. Soon we will be together and will begin to live a life of cultural fusion.

However, we live in a region in the world that is so close-minded and honestly - extremely ignorant.I have patiently listened to friends, aquaintances, co-workers and random people on the street. I have read numerous "letters to the editor" and watch the pundits debate. I know what the world's view is. As a former journalist - I also know how to search for the truth, saturate myself with information and get the facts.

Unfortunately most people like to go on opinion. I have the facts - and I realize, it will never be easy for us. Recently I over heard some young (not even adults) share their opinions about a myriad of topics. it almost broke my heart to already see people so young forming such strong opinions about a group of people they truly know absolutely nothing about. *sigh*

Besides all of the struggles ahead - I could not pick a better man to stand by my side. Nor could I find a truer friend, a more passionate love, nor a better servant of God. I look forward to all of the good he will bring to my life - here, together.Those are my thoughts. Soo many, some so private. But I felt I had to express myself, especially considering all of the battles he and I will face and all of the exceptionally good times!Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Very good point my dear! Unfortunately we do indeed live in a tainted world. Opinions are formed about people far too soon, without the thought of getting to know them before forming a decision. So sad. Great post!

scrapwordsmom said...

What a beautiful piece written about the man you love. Thank you for sharing and what a wonderful man you have!!

Shermika said...

I just enjoy your writing style! You sound like an old friend and I am enjoying the blog. It is best to be open minded and as diverse as possible. Isn't it wonderful to be in love. May God continue to bless--and who cares what the ignorant think ;-)

Leanne said...

Really great to read this, Nicole. Good to hear the excitement and be reminded of the love and, exactly as you wrote, to see how far you have come. Be proud of you union, Nicole. Be proud. (I love that picture of you two.)


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