Thursday, June 16, 2011

Much ado about nothing

Yesterday went just fine. Nothing special. Nothing earth shattering. No major profound thoughts.

I suppose that was my miracle.

For one, it was the good pay day. Do you know what I mean? The one in the middle of the month. The one that does not contain the "high ticket" items for bills. *insert sigh of relief*

My morning began quietly, the egyptian and I did not bicker on the way to work. Usually we sort of snip at each other, since neither one of us are morning people. I just kept my mouth shut and we traveled on.

After dropping him off at work, I headed across town to my job. Usually I go into full-fledged concert mode, blaring my ipod. BUT, when my dear friend Telisa came to visit, she was trying to pull the cord that attaches to the Ipod out of the seat, and accidentally yanked the end off.. sooo.. I am now stuck with my ear phones. So my concert was a private one, and I am sure my ear drums are paying for it.

Since it was "pay day" - I decided to treat myself to an artery cloggin feast - Sonice Baby! When I go there for breakfast, I always order the #14: Croissandwich with sausage egg & cheese, tater tots, and 1 coffee with 4 creamers and 2 splendas. The whole meals is horrible for me. For one, I am sneaking in the pork that is completely not allowed when we go out to eat or in the home. The tater tots (which is what they give you for hash browns) are salty as all get out, and splenda, I am sure, will cause cancer.

But it was DELISH.

Then began my morning at the office. Which is always pleasant, because I REALLY like my co-workers. I love our morning talks (about work, but mostly personal) and I love their sweet spirit. I am lucky to work with a handful of really dynamic people.

Later I head down to a meeting with my media partner, Kristen from ABC 33/40. We met at one of my favorite restaurants. Luckily, I was able to pull the egyptian in to have lunch with me also. He and I got to the restaurant a little early, so it afforded us some time to chat for about 20 minutes. (Kristen was running late.) We said a lot of really good stuff to one another. We came to an understanding. I decided to not go into many details here, just know that I think we may have a break through. Maybe....

Kristen finally made it to lunch and told us it was her birthday! She said she knew she had to have lunch, and chose us to have it with. That means a lot to me. I'll tell you why. A while back, at another job, I took a personality test. They said I scored really low on the relationship with clients scale. Said that I knew how to get the job done, and would do it with a smile, but that it was not a concern for me to connect with my client.

I have to admit, that sort of stung. So - when I started working with the AHA, I made a point to see if I could change that. I have always had a bit of a wall up with people. I am friendly, and it seems like I am open and you are able to relate, but I always keep you at arm's distance. For once, while in Birmingham, I have let my guard down with everyone. Guess what? I am making friends MUCH easier. And here was one of my client's, wanting to meet for lunch, because it was her birthday - and if she had to have a business meeting, she wanted it be with her favorite client.


After an almost 2 hour lunch, I went back into work mode. Following up with emails, making a few calls, celebrating in a few successes. (Our Birmingham office made their fundraising goal - excuse me, exceeded their goal!

Then evening came - and it was time to do a little grocery shopping. Now.. do you remember as a kid going grocery shopping? I HATED IT. I would always ride under the buggy, (yes, in the south we call it a buggy) and I would whine and complain. Each aisle we went in, if I saw something I wanted (candy, cookies, chips, sweet cereal) mom would just say NO. Then the worst one of all - the FREEZER section. I would shiver and beg her to hurry. I would say, "It's too cold!!" and she would tell me to be quiet.

As an adult, I feel the same way. As I scurry through the aisles, I am telling myself, "Hurry Up." "I want the sweet cereal." "It's too cold to walk through the freezer section." And then.. the most hated part of all - check out.

I typically shop at Publix. As much as I like to go to get random things at World Market, and my fancy cheese from Whole Foods, and my Arab Essentials at the Mediterranean store - Publix is my basic place. So here is the damage I did. I have to confess, I find it fascinating to see what people buy! Soo.. I am sharing my grocery receipt with YOU!!

At least I saved a few bucks. Note - I only used one coupon. LOL

After I drug all of those items up to my 3rd floor apartment.. (which, don't frown that the egyptian did not help - I did not want him to. I see it as a way to get exercise.) I then spent the next 30 minutes, reorganizing the pantry, etc.

THEN - I wanted to share with you guys the movie I watched - The Experiment. Have you seen it? WOW. Intense and every-so-slightly bizarre. I insist you check it out.

Anyway, the evening ended with the egyptian and I watching the Mummy in bed together. Guess what? I felt peace, I felt love, I think I got my miracle.


Christina Genae said...

LOVE miracles!!! And watching a movie together in bed... very sweet! :-) SO glad things are looking up for you!

Dawn said...

Sounds like a pretty calm day :)

Yep, I would say you got your miracle and btw - they are all around you. Some small, some large. Sometimes you might notice them and other times you don't because you are so busy or distracted by something else.

Hope you have more calm days, see more and more miracles each and every day and most of all feel more peace and love in your life!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you many more calm, peaceful days!

Yenta Mary said...

Never, ever underestimate the days that just go along as they should, with no crises or surprises ... truly, when that happens it IS a miracle and you were blessed with peace and serenity ... :)

TV's Take said...

Ha! Love your grocery list but that place looks a bit expensive. Girl you likey your yogurt :-)


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