Saturday, June 4, 2011

Road Trippin'

I am not sure what I like most about traveling - the music and playlists I blare through my car's speakers, or the actual destinations I go to.

My friends and I take our "road tunes" VERY seriously. We know that there will be hours and hours of a car concert, mixed with a little car choreography. If you are shy - do not apply.

There are also certain songs that will be played - guaranteed. Luckily, must of my friends are as fruity and silly as I am, so that makes for easy choices.

The following songs I have picked out are ALWAYS.. I repeat - ALWAYS on the playlist. You better know every word, b/c I assure you, we do - and we sing this at the tops of our lungs.. with our dance moves.

I thought for this post, I would share my silly tunes with you. Take a listen, get a visual, and then you an see how absolutely crazy we all are.

But before I go that far, I am going to give a little shout out to my FAVORITE travelers of all time. #1 - My friend Telisa. She and I have traveled many, MANY times to Savannah - drinking beer and singing at the top of our lungs. #2 - Lynn E. She and I did most of our singing on the way to Destin, Florida, as well as Savannah and other stops along the way. #3 - Crystal M. I swear we had the best party going in the car for 4 hours, only to stop and enter a friend's house that was as quiet as a funeral. It was hard to readjust. #4 Keli. My old room mate and I used to tear it up on the way to the beach. #5 Mina - my Kurdish exchange student. She would sing with the best of them, and Lord have mercy, did we take some trips.

Before you exit out - scroll to the bottom and check out the pictures/memories of past road trips.

I warn you - some of these songs are not for the faint of heart. So if you are offended by profanity, back away from this post.

Without further delay.... Song we Know by heart and INSIST you sing:

I won't post the first one... but I bet you have guessed already - Journey's "Don't Stop Believin' Yep.

Next one - one summer (and 5 beach trips) - this song was song over and over. Add a little liquid courage and some random air force guys down a strip in Destin - and well - it turned into a hilarious car-concert.

This next song was song over and over the Summer of 06. To this day, it always ends up on the playlist - and my friends and I just bust out laughing, singing our hearts out.

This next one has a LOT of profanity... and is mine and Lynn's favorite to sing. (PS - I think we do a very job with this one.) LOL

The next one brings back a hilarious memory. My friend Crystal and I were singing this with the egyptian and his best friend from Egypt in the back seat. Of course they had no idea what we were doing. LOL This is the censored version. It's safe. ;-)

We sing this one VERY loud.. it's a good one to wake up the car to!

With this one, you need a little car choreography! LOL (Lynn.. you know! I think you might have swerved a few times with this one!)

If we don't sing it in the car, we request it during 80's night at the club.. or beg a friend to sing it at Karaoke. If it's a night out - this song is sung, at some point! (Hmmm.. I seem to remember Crystal, Telisa, Crystal, the egyptian and I crammed into my little bug on the way to a bar downtown singing this at the top of our lungs!)

Girl's weekend at the beach? This is our anthem!

Oh My.. this next one.. of course. But I will add one thing to those who know: Tequila, Old red camero in the parking lot of the waffle house at 4am.. Lynn.. suddenly as Tawni Kitaen.. lol

This version only!

If there are any Georgia girls in the car (which I am one) - this is a staple in the road trips...

This may only resonate with my southern readers... but this one makes it on the list over the past year or so..

Finally - the one that ALWAYS kicks the party/road trip off:

What would be your top 5 or 10? Do you see one you need to add?

Pics of past road trips:

Sean, Tiffany, the egyptian, me, Telisa, Crystal, Hesham, Katie and Danny

me & Crystal in Destin

Lynn, Keli and I in Destin
 Wendy, Ashley, Jenn and I in New Orleans
Lynn and I in Savannah

Tonya and I in St. Augustine

me, Lisa, Chiara and Tonya in Savannah (Telisa is taking the actual pic!)

Wendy and I in Savannah - having champagne on the rooftop.

me, Ashley, Wendee and Jenn in Nashville

me, Keli and Tiffany in Destin

This was us singing Living on a Prayer.. oh yeah..

Keli, Felipe and Lynn dancing to LL's song

Lynn and I at Kevin Barry's Irish Pub in Savannah.. the bartender took this... right before the craziness began!

Lynn on River Street in Savannah. We had just polished off a few drinks from Wet Willies..

Dusty, Tiff and I - at a concert

Trip home - to see Lisa and Bridgette.

Lisa, me, Telisa and Chiara on Tybee Island

Me, Lisa and Telisa in Savannah

Telisa, Jackie, Peyton and Elena in Savannah

Telisa and I in St. Augustine!

I can assure you - all of those trips involved some serious music! :-)

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Dizzy C said...

You have great taste in music! :)

I do love a bit of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi, myself.



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