Sunday, June 26, 2011

Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake

When I am bored, I discovered a pattern I have. I bake.

Last night, around 10pmish, the egyptian went out with friends, and I was sitting at home - alone on a Saturday night. Now, the way I set that sentence up, you would think I was not happy about it. Au contraire, I do enjoy time alone- especially when he and I were locked up in the house together most of the day. The only time I left was to go to Zumba.

Last night, after picking a few random songs to download from iTunes, I made strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing. For no reason other than, because I could.


It did have a calming effect on me. This whole baking/cooking thing. That's what I have discovered. It not so much that I actually want to eat what I have prepared, I just enjoy preparing it. Does that make sense?

Dare I say it? It made me HAPPY.

Speaking of happy, my dear pregnant friend that many of you have seen in pictures had her baby last night! FINALLY! 6 pounds, 4 ounces, little Miss Veda Jane Rowe made her appearance into the world. I got permission to share some of the photos Laura has posted on her blog. (Which I want you guys to see.) She is VERY creative, and totally created most of the items in her nursery.

It's been fun for me to watch the process of V.J. making it into the world. I still remember Laura coming into my office, with tears in her eyes, telling me she was pregnant. She and Eddie (her husband) were thrilled, but like all new moms-to-be, she was both excited and scared about the future. See, her husband has one more year of law school.. so the timing was a tad bit off for them, but they were excited all the same. We sort of laughed about it, she wants 5 or 6 kids - so she might as well get started now!

First of all - here is my favorite little couple - Laura & Eddie.

This was their guest room

One side of the guest room - is now the NURSERY. You have to go to Laura's blog - she did most of these details herself. She makes/sews/pastes.. you name it. Visit her DIY blog - HERE. PS - These are all of her photos.. she is ALSO a photographer.

She made ALL OF THIS. Blows my mind.

I mean - she even used a magazine rack to store the diapers. Who thinks of these things???

And now.. without further ado.. this little one we have all been waiting for:

This was taken by Eddie - and he sent it via text message, right after Veda Jane was born.

Welcome to the world little Veda Jane.

Congrats to my dear friend Laura, and her husband Eddie.

May God Bless them.

Now... I think I know who I can take those cupcakes to!!

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