Saturday, June 25, 2011


Decisions become easier when your will to please God outweighs your will to please the world. ~Anso Coetzer

If only it were that simple.
I have wonderful news. I actually identified one week that I did not have one single meeting on the books! It's a miracle - the week of July 4th. I decided to take that week off for vacation.
My original plan was to go home for the week. Then Mr. Sour Puss himself said to me, "How will I get to work?"
Thus my need for vacation.
You would not know this, but I used to travel all the time. I went on little weekend trips with "the girls" and had a blast. Since I have married the egyptian, a man who makes people who are frugal look like shop-a-holics, we don't go anywhere. And when we do - he complains about how much money we are spending.
He says to me, "Why don't you just stay here. We can do stuff here. Maybe go to the movies or something like that."
Right. Translation - I wake up early drive him to work. Come home. Clean. Go back to pick him up. He gets on the computer and chats with friends and family back home. Then he announces we are going to a movie. A movie of his choice.
Does not sound like a vacation to me. It sounds like every day. Plus - he never lets me pick the movie. I swear.
I told my friends back home, that I was going to come home for a week. I am from middle Georgia, about an hour or so south of Atlanta in a city called Macon. It is about a 4 hour drive from Birmingham. Not too bad, but long enough that you want to take your time.
Then I began to feel guilty.
But why? It's not as if he said, 'No don't go. I will miss you.' More like - 'What about me?'
I asked him to request the time off, he does not even want to try.
Sooo.. even though I deserve to go home and just get away from the BS, I have decided to compromise. I think I am going to drive home on the 1st or 2nd of July. Spend one night with family (not see any friends) - then grab my 5 year old niece and drive back to Bham on Saturday or Sunday.
I believe I will keep her with me through at least Thursday. I think it would be a kick to spend time alone with her - which by the way - I have NEVER done this. She is finally at that fun age, and there is no changing of the diaper! lol  I found 3 places I would loooooove to take her.
One place was IJump. Man this sounds like a kid's dream place.  For about $5 your kid gets 2 hours of indoor inflatable fun. There is even a rock wall and some go carts. but I figure, at her age - the running around and playing on all of those inflatables in the a/c is perfect! How much fun would that be? There apparently is an adult cafe I could wait in, but knowing me - I will be taking 5 million pics of her just going crazy. Maybe I should give her an ice cream before we go.You know - sugar her up and let her just use up all of that energy, then we come home and crash! LOL
Then I thought one of the days we could go to the Birmingham Zoo. Since it is so hot these days, we would need to start early. Plus, I could take her to the Sea Lion show, let her run through the Kangaroo park, ride a camel, take the train, ride a carousel, we could spend almost an entire day there! If I am strategic enough, I could map out when all of the various animals feedings are and we can watch! I am not sure if she has ever been to a zoo. This would certainly be a treat. Plus, I just love animals, about as much as she does. We could have a blast!
Finally, I want to take her to Alabama Adventures. Two great parks in one - an amusement park and water park.  I called home to figure out this inches thing, to see if it would even be worth it to us. Apparently she is right under 4 feet tall. (Is that tall for a 5 year old?) I was thinking, I am only 5'1 she is going to be TALL.
After a few days in Bham, visiting these places - maybe spending our afternoons at my pool, going to see some kid flick (yuck.. but it will be worth it to see her happy,) making home made pizzas and snow cones... then I would drive back to Macon. Spend a couple of nights there and see all of my friends and enjoy time with family.
Is it crazy? Is it tiring? Would it feel like vacation? Oh I don't know... but I would be with people I love. I would have the time to spend with my niece, and I could still make sure the egyptian got to work. THEN - I would still get to see friends in Macon.
Compromise. I think it's a good thing. Plus, I think we all win in the end.
Any suggestions for spending time with a 5 year old?


Tamika D. said...

This post is hilarious....compromise--The story of our lives. Lol. Sounds like and exciting vacation. Any time with the loved ones that you don't get to see often is a vacation!

I have a 6 year old nephew and he LOOOVES IJump. Your niece will have a ball & the best part is that she'll be ready for a nap afterwards. It's sad, but true--I have NEVER been to Alabama adventure.

She will adore the zoo as I think they still have their African exhibit there (tons of fun--literally).

Suggestion: I think that she would love Build-a-Bear in the Galleria. They have all types of clothes and other accessories that would be fun for her!

You two will have fabulous bonding time which is always great. :0)

Tamika D. said...

Oh yea, I love the new look of your blog. Makes me want to be on an island!!


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