Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random videos

I was going through my You Tube channel. Trust me, there is nothing earth shattering on there - but there are little hints of my life.

I got to thinking about how people percieve me. You get a chance to read my inner-most thoughts. You, my dear reader, know my mind.

But what about my actions? Do they contradict? I am not sure.

I am posting a few random videos of mine from You Tube. Each one is merely a few seconds long. Just click play and check them out. Then tell me - am I so different from my writing?

Also - it's fun to see the past. If nothing else, my closest friends will enjoy seeing these videos again. :-)

Ooooh.... this is my cat, Lestat the Vampire Cat. He was my baby. The egyptian made me get rid of him. This video was taken before the egyptian moved to America. Don't worry - Lestat lives with my family and is now the most spoiled pet of Autumn.

A little fun after work. Happy hour with friends in Bham at a local pub.

Here is a little night out with my old room mate and one of my closest friend's - Keli...

Hanging out in downtown Birmingham

Hanging out with friends at a picnic

Early in the evening at my wedding reception.
You will see my adorable niece..

Got to love this one.. the egyptians at our wedding reception start having fun!

My husband actually dancing!

Funtime at the beach

A little vacation video

This video was taken just a few months before the big gulf oil spill.

Hanging out in the Lakeview District, downtown Bham

Friends at Christmas..

Another quick hotel - vacation video

A little of what I do for work..

Watching my friend/instructor - Irene performing Flamenco. Not sure if you knew, I took lessons for about 6 months.

Me at a local bar!

St Patty's Day fun in Bham

An Autumn afternoon with friends..

Walking through an art gallery, we came upon a piano..

Me attacking my niece..

Birmingham and my family

I do love a good fashion show..

What I do on Saturdays & Wednesday!!

Rare moments in the south..

My friend, and local meteorologist - Kalee getting into the spirit..

Another shot of what I arrange - work wise..
(You see my friend Cristina/Zumba instructor)

Friends at my birthday party.. lol

Business trip - alone at dinner

My oldest video - my trip to Egypt

Looking back - 2009

This one is a little long -

1 comment:

Bella said...

Nicole, I had fun looking at some of your videos. I think the one with your husband and you dancing with the belly dancer is so much fun! Dropping by from the LBS! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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