Sunday, June 19, 2011

Favorites - By Request

I am really excited to share with you guys a request from one of my followers. Sharon (who does not write a blog.. though LOVES to read them) wanted me to answer a few questions.

I have to laugh when I say a few.

She send me at least 100. LOL

Luckily, the answers are really short.

But I am afraid you will learn more about me than you ever wanted to know.

Soo.. without any further ado..

Here are my "FAVORITES" - requested by Sharon.

Band - When I think BAND - I think rock n' roll, and people playing instruments. If that is what I am basing this answer on, I would have to answer - The Who. Hands down.

Duo - This one was hard. But the song that keeps popping in my head is by The Civil Wars. They are a fairly new group, and I really like how they harmonize.
Solo - Oh man... this one is hard.. it's a 3 way tie for me: John Legend, George Michael or Sting.

All Time Favorite Song - "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey

Album - Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morrisette

Album Cover - Rio - Duran Duran

Radio Station -NPR

Guitarist - Carlos Santana

Bassist - John Taylor

Drummer - Tommy Lee

Pianist/Keyboardist - John Legend

Any other Intrumentalist - Will Ferrell and his Cow Bell

Singer-Female - Adele

Singer- Male - Jared Leto - (since I have already mentioned my favorite solo artist.) I LOVE Jared's voice.

Instrument - Drums

Rock Song - Dream On by Aerosmith

Hard Rock Song - Here I Go - Whitesnake.

Classic Rock Song - Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones

Metal Song - One - Metallica

Pop Song - Freedom - George Michael

Rap Song - Empire State of Mind - Jay Z

Hip-Hop Song - None of Your Business - Salt N Pepa

Alternative Song - The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars

Punk Song - American Idiot - Green Day

Cover Song - Billy Jean - David Cool

Love Song - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith

Happy Song - Smile - Kirk Franklin

Sad Song - The Little Girl - J. Montgomery

Angry Song - Up in Here - DMX
Calming Song - The Only Exception - Paramore

Funny Song - Asshole - Dennis Leary

Song To Dance To - Anything by Michael Jackson

Lyrics from a song - Uncharted - Sara Barailles

Intrumental Song - Soul Sacrifice - Santana

Soundtrack - Moulin Rouge

Decade of Music - 80's

Music Video - Rock Star - Nickelback

Concert DVD - Tina Tuner

Concert Attended - Lenny Kravitz

Food In General - I love a potato. Any way you cook it.

Ethnic Food - Mediterranean

Junk Food - Chips
Healthy Food - Fruit

Snack Food - Tahini and crackers

Fruit - Strawberries

Vegetable - Potato

Meat - NO Favorite

Breakfast Food - Croissant

Lunch Food - Salad

Dinner - Taco

Sandwich - Grilled Cheese

Restaurant - In Birmingham - Iguana Grill

Fast Food Joint - NuWay (only in Macon)

Drink- Non Alcoholic - Diet Coke

Drink- Alcoholic - Patron

Dessert - Tiramisu

Ice Cream Flavor - I DO NOT have a favorite. I love them alllllllll

Ice Cream Topping - Hot Fudge

Cookie - Snickerdoodle

Cake Flavor - Strawberry

Pizza Topping - Extra Cheese

Spice/Herb - Cumin/Dill

Movie Theater Snack - Nachos with cheese or reeses pieces

Kiddie Food - corn dogs

Candy - White Chocolate truflles from Lindor

Gum - That sugar-free Key Lim Pie flavor

Book - The Historian

Authour - Anne Rice

Poet - Shel Silverstein

Classic Novel - Lady Chatterly's Lover

Horror Novel - Memnoch the Devil

Drama Novel - Turning Angel

Comedic Novel - Shopaholic Series

Sad Novel - The Pact

Romantic Novel - Pride & Prejudice

Crime Novel - Any by Greg Iles

Series - The Vampire Chronicles

Magazine - Psychology Today

Bookstore - Any and all. But I will admit, I do like B&N - but will gladly support a local one (if I can ever find one!)

Movie - Under The Tuscan Sun

TV Show - Sex & The City or True Blood

Movie Actor - Al Pachino

Movie Actress - Meryl Streep

TV Actor - Christopher Noth

TV Actress - Sara Jessica Parker

Movie Character - Frances in Under the Tuscan Sun

TV Character - Carrie - Sex & The City

Disney Character - Cinderella

Villain - Eric on True Blood

Hero - Lestat

TV Movie - ? Maybe one of those after school specials back in the 80s. LOL

Drama Movie - Crash

Animated Movie - Toy Story 3 was good

Disney Movie - The Little Mermaid

Comedy Movie - Euro Trip

Mystery Movie - The Constant Gardner

Horror Movie - The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Superhero Movie - Batman

Documentary Movie - too many to mention - I LOVE LOVE LOVE documentaries

Drama TV Show - The News.. hahaha
Crime TV Show - Without a Trace

Comedy TV Show - Sex & The City

Animated TV Show - King of the Hill

Reality TV Show - Jerseylicious

Awards Show - The MTV Music Awards

Game Show - Dancing with the Stars

Talk Show - Oprah

News Show - 60 Minutes or Dateline

Talk Show Host - Phil Donahue was awsome back in the day

TV Channel - Bravo

Color - Light Blue

Number - 5

Letter - A

Time Of Day - 7pm

Day Of Week - Sunday

Month - October

Year - 1987

Decade - The 80s were pretty kick ass

Century - 1600s

Season - Fall

Holiday - Christmas or Halloween

Religon - CATHOLIC

Historical Event - Birth of Jesus

Historical Movement - Rennaisance period

Historical Person - Jesus

Boy's Name - Patrick

Girl's Name - Autumn

Clothing Store - Saks 5th Ave

Article Of Clothing - Yoga pants

Shirt - Soft cotton tshirt

Bottoms (Pants, Skirts, etc) - I do have one pair of jeans by LEI that I love

Shoes - My brown clogs

Underwear - comfortable

Accessories - I always wear my engagement ring

Makeup Brand - Mainly Clinique

Video Game - The Sims

Arcade Game - Pac Man

Superhero - Wonder WOman

City - Savannah

State/Province - Georgia

Country - Egypt

Continent - Europe

Language - French

Animal - Mon chi chi

Mammal - cat

Fish - Koi

Bird - Love Birds

Reptile - Snake

Anphibian - Frog Prince

Pet - Nanook (my Siberian) and Maximus - my cat - both RIP

Sound - Ocean

Smell - Spice

Taste - Tangy

Feeling - Love

Sight -- Smiles

Scenery - Nature

Board Game - Trivia or Life

Computer Game - You Don't Know Jack

Sport To Watch - Ice Hockey

Sport To Play - Tennis

Athlete - David Beckham

Flower - Orchid

Plant - Jasmine

Tree - Cherry Blossom

Dance - Latin

Hair Color - Dark

Eye Color - Blue

School Subject - Social Studies or English

Artist - Maxfield Parrish

*****WOW. I finish! ******* Want to answer the same questions?? Go For it!


Telisa said...

I cannot comprehend that you actually had definitive answers for all these questions. I would have been dizzy just thinking about trying to complete this HAHAHAHA!!!

BTW, totally wish we were enjoying a good coffee together right now!!

Anonymous said...

I echo the previous comment. As I read your list, I kept thinking that it would take me forever to answer each of the questions. I am tempted to try, though. We'll see. . .

Love the overall design of your blog—this is my first time here. Visiting from LBS. Thanks!

Dizzy C said...

I am with u on the 80's decade and Don't wanna miss a thing is one of my favourite love songs.

carol said...

oh, my, we have LOTS in common.

I do the treadmill to George Micheal! Seriously. I crank it.
Love Sex & the City. I mean, after the last episode, I cried my eyes out....Carrie is my fave. Character.
Love Aero Smith.
Love Tina Turner.
Oprah. RU kidding?
So so many things on your list.
Do you like Adam Lambert? I bet you do. xxx

Leanne said...

OMG - How did you answer all of those? You crack me up! Will Ferrel and his Cow Bell??? ("I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cow bell!!! I love Christopher Walken!) Oooo, and I love Pac Man, too!!! Great list!


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