Thursday, June 9, 2011

I hope you dance~

I L-O-V-E to dance. There is no doubt about it. In past posts, I have often described my years in ballet, tap and jazz, to taking Israeli Folk dance, to Hip Hop classes, to Flamenco.. and now - I am addicted to Zumba.

I always make a point to watch "Dancing with the Stars," "So you think you can Dance," also any other random dance competitions on tv.

When it comes to personal life, I used to LOVE to go dancing with friends in the club. Oh yes, as soon as I was able to sneak in on a fake id - I went crazy for a dance floor. The loud music thumping, a dance floor, the lights.. it's all addictive. My friends and I would dance for hours, not paying attention to anyone around us, just moving.

Even as an adult, I was lucky to meet so many good dancer. My old room mate Keli and our friend Lynn, both were amazing dancers. Keli has a degree in Modern Dance, while Lynn used to dance on her university's dance team. Then there was me, took lessons for years.. together we would hit the dance floor, mixed with a little liquid courage, lots of attitude, and tons of energy.

I miss those days...

But for now, I thought I would share with you a few songs that I still like to dance to. Some of these make their appearance on my Ipod at home, while others are used in Zumba class. Trust me - if they come on - I am dancing! (Even with this silly body of mine now.. it does not stop me!)

So without further delay, here are some videos with either GREAT choreography or just great music to dance to (in general.)

This song is incredible to dance to and the choreography in this video is so much fun!

How about this for a fun little dance?

How hot is this guy's moves? LOL That's what I love about Latin or Mediterranean men.. they are not afraid to dance! (ex.. the egyptian. LOL)

The ending of this has great dance moves

When all is said and done - Shakira can really move! (she is both Colombian and Lebanese! mix the Latin with the middle eastern belly dance!)

How fun is this song, and the dancing?

Great little song for dancing!

Neyo is an amazing dancer!

Usher is another incredible dancer

Does this even need an introduction?

One of my favorite forms of dance... (which  is just a little jazz - sexed up)


What about you? Do you enjoy dancing or dance music?

1 comment:

Jen Has A Pen said...

I LOVE to dance! All the time. (You'd think I'd be thin???) Some of my favorites are Taio Cruz's "Dynamite", Kanye's "Stronger" Enrique's "Don't Turn Off The Lights" (odd choice, I know), and just about alllll Black Eyed Peas stuff. :-)


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