Monday, June 6, 2011

The Boob Tube as a Kid

I got to thinking about all of the time I spent as a kid playing outside, or with my friends, or with my barbies, or riding my bike, or in ballet, Girl Scouts, church - you name it! But somehow, someway, I was able to get a little time squeezed in to watch television.

So many kids now-a-days, grow up on TV. I think it worked as the single mother's babysitter, or the busy family's veg-out time.

I have fond memories of a handful of shows. Some stick out more than others.

As I was making a little list of my all-time favorite shows as a kid, it kept getting longer and longer and longer. The problem is - it's just too hard to list them all.

To help you understand "when" I was watching tv - I was born in 1973. It is safe to say, by 76, I was conscious of what was going on. To be perfectly honest with you - I am not sure if we even had a color tv at the time... regardless, I watched some amazing shows that many kids now-a-days have NO idea about.

I hope you take the :30 seconds or so to push play and watch these opening themes. In the comment section, which were your favorites? What would you add?

Here is my list:

This show was one of my FAVES for years. I remember watching this at pre-school each day while we waited for our family to pick us up! Did I mention I had the world's biggest crush on Scott Baio? Don't believe me? Just pick up my diary.. it's all there!

I think my first love of all things middle eastern began with this one! :-)

I remember my mom was always watching this... so.. I did too! I still love it!

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SHOW... even until this day - if I see it on TV, I am hooked. I was always jealous of their big family and cool house. LOL

Unfortunately Gilligan's Island was not available to be embedded - so here is the link the one of my all time FAVES! - Gilligan's Island.

One of my first obsessions was to work as Julie on the Love Boat.

Okay... how embarrassing is this? I had the biggest crush on Eric Estrada. LOL

I know I have shared this one numerous times!

In 2nd grade my little friend's Gary & Jonathon used to play Dukes of Hazzard during recess. I was always Daisy - and we used the big green a/c thing outside as the table (since I was a waitress.) hahahahaa

Watched this everyday before school!

Did you know I eventually took theater lessons from Lady Aberlin?

The years I watched it:

MAN! I loved this show! Saturday morning, baby!

Need I say more?

Now for "The Stories" as my Grandma used to call them:

My goal at one point was to be a Solid Gold dancer:

Now for a little primte time fun with the family:

Finally -

Of course, I am forgetting sooo many more: The Smurfs, The Jefferson's, All in the Family, Good Times.. etc..

What about you?? I JUST LOVE watching these. It brings back so many memories - and I get to store them all here!

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Leanne said...

Can I just copy this post and move it to my blog . . . these are the exact shows that would have been on the TV in our house when I was a kid (except with the addition of a Chicago Cubs baseball game, or two!)


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