Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Winter and 67 degrees

In fine southern tradition, the weather took another twist and turn. It is officially winter, Christmas is just days away and the high will get to 67 today. Sheesh.

Just pick a season- please. Do you guys know how hard that is to dress for? You wake up and it is 30 something degrees.. then by lunch the sun is shining ever-so-brightly, then you are sweating by the time you leave work. Then as soon as the sun goes down, so do the temperatures.

Today is my final day at home before I head HOME. So many little things to do around the house. Hopefully I will get them all accomplished without wearing myself out.

I am feeling a little irritable these days, and it has to do with that announcement we will make. I go back and forth.. and it is stressing me out. I really don't have a choice, and I realize it will all be good in the end (God willing) but....

Tomorrow we hit the road for Macon, Georgia. If you aren't familiar with that town - it is about an hour 1/2 from Atlanta. I grew up there. Actually, my parents have moved to the outskirts of town (literally in the deep country of the Oconee National Forest.) They have moved to a little town (if you can call it that) of Haddock. But everything else takes place in Macon.

I don't have any plans while in Georgia - I hope to bump into a few friends, but for whatever reason (and I know what the reason is) I just don't have the energy.

I feel that tricky little fear bug creeping up. I am trying to keep him at bay... not working so far. I NEED TO RELAX.

How do you crush any anxiety you have about pending changes? When there is nothing you can do about it - and in the end it might be a great thing??

Now.. back to cleaning and packing! PS - Who's traveling to visit family this holiday season?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you...someone needs to tell the powers that be that it is WINTER...quit messing with the temps Mother Nature...

Not traveling...may head further south into the state to surprise one of my aunts with a visit...but that is about it.

Safe travels and Merry Christmas!

Leanne said...

67 degrees . . . now that ain't normal! (Said with my best southern voice ... which is really sad.) Listen honey, life may constantly throw changes at you. If you can't control it, and if you have no choice in the matter, it does your spirit no good to fight it. I understand this is not easy - but trying to see the positive out of it, and finding some positive for YOU in it, will make you feel better in the long run. Now, put those rosey glasses on in that 67 degree sunshine ... and smile. My new favorite quote - "LIFE is a banquet, and most people are starving to death." So, enjoy your banquet, honey. Every part of it.


Jen G-son said...

I'm currently debating deploying for a year to Baharain. Can you imagine the going back and forth I'm going through, trying to figure out if it'll make or break my marriage???

So I get it. I hope whatever you're trying to decide or come to terms with will sort itself out. Best advice I've gotten since I got engaged? "Everything will work itself out, somehow". Keep that in mind!


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