Monday, December 13, 2010


This is one of those silly photo/video blog posts. Sheer nonsense, but a little glimpse into my world.

There is nothing of use here - or fascinating. Just another way to waste time! :-)
I decided to shoot a pic of my star early this morning. As close to a sun as I was going to get.
If you look real closely - you will see the snow flurries attempting to come down.

Then I decided to whine and complain. My melon takes up the entire screen . LOL

Then it was time to meet one of my media sponsors for a coffee meeting.

Followed by organizing my holiday gift bags for my media sponsors


Laura was FREEZING.

No one was safe from my camera today!

I mainly talked at my morning meeting, so I finally sat down with the muffin and coffee.

My candy bowl at work

Giving it a try


My water

Laura decided to do a little work from my office

You just never know when you might need a coupon...

That's it my friends. Sheer nonsence.


Sandra said...

I'm never one to pass up pictures! I loved this post. Hey, I have the same great, big water bottle!

Dizzy C said...

Candy Canes!
I bought 2 boxes (24) this year. One selection just peppermint and the other jelly bean assorted flavours.
We will all be hyperactive come new year!

Loving the photo diary day


Bossy Betty said...

Thanks for taking us into your world. My favorite was the candy bowl.

Leanne said...

You are hysterical. Your videos are making me laugh! I'm telling you . . . we are getting 3-5 more inches here tomorrow, and this morning, we hit a heat wave of 15 degrees outside!!! I'm wearing my swim suit as we speak ;) (Not really - but I'm guessing you knew that!) Oh, and Katie LOVES "Oh's" - loves that crunch! Great day, my friend. So funny!


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