Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moody Chick

Boy oh boy can I wake up in a bad mood. (Of course with a little help.)

See - the egyptian refuses to get on a regular sleep schedule since returning from Egypt. He is crashing around 6/7pm and waking up at 3 - 4am. I, on the other hand, am going to bed around midnight and then waking to the sound of arabic. You have to know - it sounds like someone is yelling and angry.

Which he is none of the above. But he is chatting with friends back home online. If you have never heard arabic - trust me - it is loud and harsh and he even starts flailing his arms when he speaks. They are a passionate people, remember he grew up on the Mediterranean Sea.. lots of that Mediterranean personality. (Think Italian, Greek, etc.) Good times at 6am.

I just need 2 more hours of sleep.. really.. but once I am up, I am up.

Can you imagine if we had a baby? I would lose my mind. How do you people do it?? ;-)

It's Day 1 of vacation. Nothing spectacular: Babysit for a friend, get an oil change, purchase a few Christmas bags to put some of the larger items in, clean out my car, do laundry... pack.

Yucky business of getting it all done.

I have decided to slip in a massage. Yep. I am going to my favorite Chinese Holistic place and I am going to let them pound out this bad mood of mine.

I have to.

If not, you will see a new top list of the worst people with Christmas Spirit - The Grinch, Scrooge, Nicole...

What is your thorn this holiday season? Apparently mine will be keeping my bitchiness down to a minimum. ;-)

Until next time...


Renee said...

Mine is my work Christmas party. I work in a nursing home, & so the other girls on my unit want to do something with our little group. Instead of just bringing in gifts to exchange, they decided we should go out for lunch (we work 2nd shift). So they planned a trip to some crappy buffet for 11 AM. I won't have time to go home afterwards, & I'll be way too early for work. Plus, who wants to eat crappy buffet & then play CNA for 8 hours? Not this girl.

I think I'll be giving my gift to my charge nurse & skipping lunch. It's just too much running around.

TV's Take said...

Hope you get some sleep, #1. So sweet your helping your friend with bbysitting. My thorn is I'm eating too much of my party mix. It's become dessert for me this year and I eat a small cereal bowl of it each night. Instead of 1 pilates class this week, I'll be going 2x. I guess the good thing is, I like my own holiday snacks :-) Have a wonderful time w/ your family and thanks for sharing on my blog. Sooo exciting!

Kamila said...

All I know is that I hate being bug when I'm on my sleep..!!


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