Monday, December 6, 2010

Freeze my nasal pipes please!

I am STILL sick. I swear, whatever took me down, now has a death grip on me. Yes, I think I will FINALLY go to the doctor today. Maybe a doc-in-the-box. My flu turned cold is lingering.. but now I am coughing like someone with emphysema. My fear is it could turn into walking pneumonia. WE DON'T WANT THAT OR NEED THAT.

I am still exhausted..


The love is here and is good. Oh yes, my dear readers. I know I alluded to it, but I think I know what has happened. See, back in May of 09 - my egyptian's evil twin decided to come to America. Then when he went back this past October - he brought back the man I fell in love with. ;-)

It is all good. PLUS - amazing plans in the future. WOW. I am so excited.

Today the egyptian has an appointment with the Islamic School, there is a position to teach arabic and english (he is certified to do both!) Very excited, and hope it comes through for him.

This week seems to be a fairly easy week. Meetings are not too intense, the weather is supposed to be bitterly cold. But I don't mind the cold - I love wearing my winter clothes! (AND SCARVES!)

Tic Toc.. Tic Toc.. Christmas is on the way. I am ready!

Hope you guys have a beautiful week!


Bossy Betty said...

Hope you feel better SOON!

Good luck to the man! I've got my fingers and toes crossed!

Jen G-son said...

damn thos evil twins!!! :)

Leanne said...

Awe, Oooo, Man!! WOW! Augh! Yeah!!! (Yes, each of those came out of me while reading your post!) Augh and awe to the being sick! Oooo to the love! And WOW to the appt for Mr. E.

Feel better, dear, and love to Mr. E! (PG is out of town again - but we recvd 6 inches of snow over the weekend and while it's oh-so beautiful, I definitely think you need to wait for SPRING!!!) Will email you soon w/ideas.

Leanne said...

p.s. I really like this header. I know it seems a little partial to say that, but when I pop on your blog - I just feel like it's you. Is it you? Or is it just me? Hmmmm . . . just had to share those thoughts with you.

Robin said...

I know what you have. I have it, too. My whole family has had it. It takes forever to go away. Aaagghh. The hint of the cough is just starting with me. Yippee she says with more than a hint of sarcasm.

Robin said...

Oh, I am so happy for you on getting back the man you love. So sorry I forgot to include that in the first message.


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